You friendly neighborhood bar and grill is starting to dip their toes into the donut game and the king of burgers is putting a new twist on one of their legendary burgers!

Applebee’s now has Sugar-Dusted Donut Dippers . . . so that’s good news for anyone who has already abandoned their New Year’s resolutions.

Applebee’s newest dessert offers diners 10 mouth-watering, bite sized donuts served up hot and fresh with a coating of powdered sugar served with caramel and hot fudge dipping sauces!

An order will set you back between $6-7 and they are available now for a limited time at participating restaurants.


Burger King is putting a new spin their classic Whopper sandwich!

Burger King launched their Whopper Melt sandwiches nationwide. This take combines the classic patty melt with the BK Whopper.  They are available in three different versions…The Whopper Melt, Spicy Whopper Melt, and the Bacon Whopper Melt.

Each sandwich comes with two flame-grilled Whopper Jr. patties, American Cheese and caramelized onions all between two slices of toast. The Whopper Melt adds Stacker Sauce to the burger for some extra tang. While the Spicy Whopper Melt adds a creamy spicy sauce and the Bacon Whopper Melt includes bacon.

They are available now for a limited time at participating BK locations with special offers on combos through their app.  Sandwiches go for around $4-5 a la carte.


Andy Money Shots