If you take anything from this story, it’s that you should never engage in any sort of prank war with Zakk Wylde.

In honor of the 30th anniversary of Ozzy Osbourne’s No More Tears, Wylde spoke to Metal Hammer about the making of the album. Apparently, during the whole recording process, The Prince of Darkness would frequently fart, much to the dismay of those around him.

Wylde said, “Ozzy had these stink bombs he just kept letting off. You could use them to clear f—ing buildings, not rooms. Ozzy would be there at the back, ‘Sorry…’ and we’d be gagging, ‘Ozzy what the F—?!’ They were worried he wouldn’t be able to finish the record.”

Producer Duane Baron added, “Honestly, at first we thought he had a real problem. He’d drop them everywhere – the studio, on flights, we even went to Las Vegas for a weekend and he dropped them in a casino! He would terrorize us with them.”

So, how do you get revenge on a serial farter? Well, you go to the next logical step and involve poop.

Wylde said, “Every day Oz had this couch that he’d sit on to watch World War II videos or whatever. So, I take my enormous s— in this bag and cut a tiny little hole, sliding it in until it’s properly hidden up the back of the couch. Meanwhile, Randy [Castillo] goes and takes a s— in some Tupperware, which he then stores in the fridge for later.”

And how did Ozzy react to this prank? According to Wylde, Ozzy found the Tupperware in the fridge and “…bellows down, ‘I was just trying to watch my World War II videos, thinking what is that horrendous stench?! I went to get something to eat, thinking we’d got some leftovers… they were fucking leftovers alright!’”

Wylde admits that “It was a miracle anything got done” during the recording sessions for No More Tears. Frankly, it sounds like it’s a miracle no one got E.  coli poisoning.

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