An ICU nurse that posted revealing shots of herself on Instagram and The Chive under an alias was given the ultimatum of keeping her job at the hospital or keep posting erotic content online.

Well she decided to keep posting erotic content and running her OnlyFans over the nursing job.  She had started making more money each month by posting sexy pics then she was making at the hospital when COVID started.  She began with some naughty and revealing images before moving towards nude content.  A few of her hospital coworkers had caught wind of the naughty content that was being posted.

The nurse that goes by “Allie Rae” figured she would be ok since she was not revealing where she worked and was NOT posting under her real name. The coworkers that reported her, actually subscribed to her OnlyFans to take screen shots to report her to the hospital. Management at the hospital gave her choice of her job or her OnlyFans and ultimately she decided on her OnlyFans.

She now lives in Florida with her husband and kids and is still posting risque content online.  Here are some pics from her Instagram as well as a link to the full story below.



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