A Spanish man who doesn’t “consider himself to be 100% human” has decided to take the bold step of identifying as “trans-species.”

Manel Munoz, who’s also “artistically” known as Manel de Aguas, has driven that point home by having two silicone fins surgically attached to each side of his head. Manel designed his new body accessories himself and says they’re “connected to a microchip which allows him to ‘hear’ atmospheric pressure, humidity, and changes in temperature.”

In 2017, he started “fighting for the rights” on the trans-species community by founding the Trans-Species Society with two other people.


'Trans-Species' Man Has Two Fins Implanted In His Head

A man who claims to identify as 'trans-species' has had two fins implanted into his skull. Manel Munoz, from Catalonia, Spain, known artistically as Manel De Aguas, says he doesn't feel as though he's completely human. And the 24-year-old has now had two 500-gram (17.6-oz) silicone 'fins', which he designed himself, surgically attached to either side of his head.