388964 01: Commuter traffic makes it way along Interstate 93 May 8, 2001 in Boston MA. According to a study by the Texas Transportation Institute, 1.2 million people drive into Boston for work each day. (Photo by Darren McCollester/Newsmakers)

Now we have another reason to be pissed at Brian Hoyer. 

If you were stuck in gridlock on I-93 around 8am Monday, it was because of your favorite football team, according to Boston.com. 

The Patriots were forced to change their travel schedule due to QB Cam Newton’s COVID-19 diagnosis.  The team had to await testing results and travel in 2 groups (those that came into contact with Newton, and those who didn’t.)   Team “Cam Contact” included coach Bill Belichick and flew out of Logan.  And how did they get from Foxboro to the airport on time?  The State Police CLOSED THE ROAD for them!!

The State Police defended the move saying:

“The escort of the Patriots’ buses is a regular, longstanding detail paid for by the team to ensure secure transit to the airport, similar to any other paid detail escort for motorcades or specialized material transports,” Dave Procopio, a state police spokesman, told Boston.com in statement. “Because we make every effort to minimize disruption to motorists, today’s escort necessitated a lane closure that lasted only approximately three minutes.”

3 minutes doesn’t seem like a long time…unless you’re stuck the jam for 20 minutes behind it. See the video below…unless it gives you PTSD like us who sat in this.

This *might* hurt less if the Pats didn’t beat themselves in Kansas City last night.