Wisconsin police are looking to determine not only the what, but the why, after a guy found something crazy on a beach!

A construction worker that walks along the beach every morning to collect glass and random stuff off the beach for his art projects stumbled upon what appears to be a human brain! As we was going about his morning stroll he came across a square aluminum foil package with a pink rubber band wrapped around it.  So he opened it up and found what he thought was a raw chicken breast…until he realized it might be a human brain. Uncensored pics can be seen at the link below.

James Senda

James Senda added a new photo.

As of now they are saying that it is NOT a human brain, but the investigation is currently on going.


Man finds apparent brain on Racine beach: 'What is this?'

Racine police are looking to determine not only the what, but the why, after what appeared to be a brain was found on a beach Tuesday, Sept. 15. Police are still working to figure out if what was found along the beach at Samuel Myers Park on Tuesday morning is human or not.