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Aren’t donuts already a type of dessert?  Even if you DO eat them for breakfast?

Krispy Kreme just announced three new donuts that are based on desserts . . . other desserts, I guess.  They are:  Mississippi Mud Pie . . . Banana Pudding . . . and Coconut Cake. All of them are available now, for a limited time.


Krispy Kreme Launches 3 New Dessert Doughnuts - Chew Boom

Krispy Kreme offers iconic desserts in the form of a doughnut with the release of new dessert-inspired doughnuts at participating locations across the US and Canada. Dessert Doughnuts debut in three varieties: Banana Pudding: This doughnut is filled with A Banana Pudding filled doughnut that's topped with fluffy Kreme and vanilla wafer cookies.