Hall and Oates are staring down a busy 2020 which will include working on a new album.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame duo talked about new music to Rolling Stone, with Daryl Hall saying, “I’m in the process right now of coming up with some ideas. I’ve been working with some people on them right now I don’t want to talk about yet.”

It’ll be the duo’s first new album since 2003’s Do It for Love. Hall, however, is currently working on this new music alone, but he’ll join up with John Oates soon.

For his part, Oates said, “I have so much going on, so to be honest I’m not quite there. Daryl has shifted his focus to Hall & Oates, which is great. I’m going to jump on board, for sure, but it’s in the early, preliminary days of it. He’s very excited, and he’s been spending some time in Europe. He’s found some young producers he’s kind of getting energized with. He’ll jump-start the process and then I’ll definitely jump on board later.”

What definitely won’t happen in 2020, however, is any recognition from Hall and Oates of their 50th anniversary as a duo. The two began their musical partnership back in 1970 after first meeting while attending Temple University three years prior. Despite this major anniversary, neither are too keen to celebrate, especially Hall who said, “It’s the same reason I don’t go to f-ckin’ high school reunions. I’m not into celebrations or milestones or awards of any of that crap. It’s all about the work to me.”

In other words, no one better mention their anniversary anymore. They can’t go for that (no can do.)

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