A drunk Florida woman was arrested earlier this week after she showed up to another woman’s house holding a beer, looking for her boyfriend.

The homeowner called the police after the woman started knocking on her windows looking for her man.  The homeowner already had this woman trespassed, and once the police were called the drunk woman with the beer left.  Reports say that the woman was shoeless, wet, holding a beer, smelled of booze and sounded intoxicated.

She has a very memorable mugshot!


Fellsmere Woman With Beer Searches for Boyfriend At Another Woman's Home

An intoxicated woman was arrested after showing up at another woman's house, holding a beer, and looking for her boyfriend, according to the Fellsmere Police Department. A woman called the police after someone was knocking on all of her windows on Tuesday at 3:30 a.m. on South Elm Street in Fellsmere.

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