Two Words: Dirty Bastard!!

A shopper in Turkey was captured on CCTV walking through a supermarket.  When it seems he poops in his shorts and some of the feces fall to the ground. He probably picks it up and disposes of it like a normal human being right?  WRONG! He kicks it under a ice cream cooler.

Shopper shits himself in supermarket and tries to hide it!

Earn free £10 cashback with Quidco: Disgusting footage shows the shopper bending slightly forwards before walking towards the counter and leaving a small present on the floor behind him. While at the counter of the supermarket in Turkey, he allows another lump of poo to fall down his shorts and onto the floor which he then attempts to kick under an ice-cream refrigerator.


Shopper poos on floor of supermarket in Turkey

A shopper was caught on camera pooing on the floor of a supermarket before discretely kicking his faeces under a fridge. CCTV captured the moment the man seemingly defecated in his shorts in the shop and allowed the poo to run down his leg.