Captain o captain! Brad Marchand was just named the new Bruins captain, and he's been a Bruin since 2009!

This is how much money the top 6 players on the Boston Bruins are making.

As the Boston Bruins celebrate a century of historic ice hockey, it’s only fitting to shine a light on six current players who not only command the highest salaries but have also solidified their places as franchise icons. From jaw-dropping saves to game-changing goals, these athletes exemplify why they are worth every penny to the city of Boston.

David Pastrnak #88 of the Boston Bruins takes a shot against the Chicago Blackhawks during the third period of the Bruins home opener at TD Garden on October 11, 2023.

David Pastrnak is one of the Bruins’ top earners. How much does he make though?

How Hockey Salaries Differ From Other Pro Sports

NHL hockey salaries tend to be more conservative than other professional sports leagues. The reason is because the NHL restricts teams from spending above a specified threshold on player salaries. The salary cap for each NHL team is $83.5mil.

While the NFL also operates under a salary cap system, its cap is generally higher, allowing for bigger contracts. Secondly, MLB, with no salary cap, sees massive contracts for its marquee players. A lot of that is due to the lucrative TV contracts and endorsements. The NBA, meanwhile, has fewer players on each team roster compared to the NHL, which means more salary to go around for its stars.

Additionally, global endorsements and larger TV deals in the NBA and MLB contribute to higher player salaries relative to the NHL. Don’t let that mislead you though. Hockey players are still making a LOT of money. It’s just that they’re not making as much as the other professional sports leagues.

Shohei Ohtani getting excited after throwing a nice pitch

It’s projected that Shohei Ohtani, from Japan, will take home $70mil in earnings just this year! He is the highest paid player in the MLB.

Boston Clearly Invests In Their Bruins Team

As the Boston Bruins mark 100 years of excellence, the contributions of these six top earners are evident in every game, every play, and every moment on the ice. The city of Boston doesn’t just pay these athletes; they invest in them. And it shows! The Bruins have won the Stanley Cup six times (1929, 1939, 1941, 1970, 1972, and 2011). Here’s to another century of iconic players and unforgettable moments!

This Is How Much Money The Top 6 Players On The Boston Bruins Are Making:

  • 6. Linus Ullmark

    Goalies are often the unsung heroes, but Ullmark’s contributions cannot be understated. His quick reflexes and calm demeanor under pressure have bailed the Bruins out on numerous occasions. In clutch situations, Boston can rest easy knowing Ullmark is guarding their net.

    Contract: 4yrs at $20mil
    Signing Bonus: $3mil
    Average Salary: $5mil/year

    Boston Bruins goalie Linus Ullmark in front of the goal.

    Linus Ullmark is the 6th top paid player on the Boston Bruins. On 28 July 2021, Ullmark left the Sabres as a free agent and signed a four-year, $20 million contract to be the starting goaltender with the Boston Bruins.

  • 5. Charlie Coyle

    Versatility is Coyle’s middle name. Able to excel in various roles and situations, his adaptability makes him a coach’s dream. Whether it’s anchoring a critical penalty kill or providing offensive sparks, Coyle has shown time and time again why he’s an essential part of the Bruins’ core.

    Contract: 6yrs at $31.5mil
    Signing Bonus: $1mil
    Average Salary: $5.25mil/year

    Boston Bruins player Charlie Coyle

    Charlie Coyle joined the Bruins in 2019. It’s a perfect team for him because he grew up on the south shore in Weymouth, MA!

  • 4. Brad Marchand

    The embodiment of passion and grit, Marchand has long been a fan favorite. His relentless drive, combined with his knack for producing at crucial moments, makes him an indispensable asset. While he’s known for his fiery spirit, Marchand’s consistent performance and leadership qualities underscore his worth to the franchise.

    Contract: 8 yrs at $49mil
    Signing Bonus: $24mil
    Average Salary: $6.125mil/year

    Boston bruins player Brad Marchand pointing at the crowd

    Captain o captain! Brad Marchand was just named the new Bruins captain, and he’s been a Bruin since 2009!

  • 3. Hampus Lindholm

    Another defense stalwart, Lindholm, brings a balanced mix of physicality and technical prowess. His timely interventions, coupled with a keen sense of positioning, make him invaluable to the Bruins. Lindholm’s ability to contribute both offensively and defensively ensures that Boston’s investment in him is money well spent.

    Contract: 8 Yrs at $52mil
    Signing Bonus: $10mil
    Average Salary: $6.5mil/year

    Boston bruins player Hampus Lindholm

    Hampus Lindholm was gotten in a trade with the Anaheim Ducks. Cam Neely noted that they paid top dollar in the trade at the last minute to get him on the Bruins.

  • 2. Charlie McAvoy

    McAvoy is the epitome of defensive excellence. Combining strength with finesse, he’s proven himself as a cornerstone for the Bruins’ blue line. With McAvoy on the ice, opponents find it increasingly challenging to penetrate the Bruins’ defensive zone, and his presence has been pivotal in the team’s most significant victories.

    Contract: 8 yrs at $76mil
    Signing Bonus: $26.5mil
    Average Salary: $9.5mil/year

    Charlie McAvoy on the Boston bruins celebrating a win.

    Charlie McAvoy joined the Boston Bruins in 2017. He’s the 2nd highest player on the team.

  • 1. David Pastrnak

    Leading the pack is David Pastrnak, a dynamo on the ice. His unparalleled puck-handling skills, sharpshooter mentality, and uncanny ability to find the net make him a defensive nightmare for opponents. Pastrnak’s impact on the Bruins’ offense is palpable, often serving as the driving force behind crucial goals and game-winning plays. It’s no wonder he tops the earnings list; his value to the Bruins is undeniable.

    Contract: 8yrs at $90mil
    Signing Bonus: $26.5mil
    Average Salary: $11.25mil/year

    David Pastrnak celebrating a goal with fans at the glass

    David Pastrnak joined the Bruins in 2014. He’s their highest paid player!

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