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The Metallica and GNR Tour that hit Foxboro back in 1992 is a distant memory for many of us. But it’s one worth revisiting.


I wasn’t at the show myself, but I remember all the buzz about it. I was 15 at the time, so it was difficult separating fact from fiction. It was the tail end of the summer of ’92. We were about a year into the grunge explosion out of Seattle and the reverberations were still strong. But don’t forget, 1991 saw the release of two monster albums by two of the biggest rock bands of the ’80s.


Metallica‘s Black Album and Guns N’ Roses Use Your Illusion I & II were massive releases that dropped in ’91 and continued to be a big part of the musical conversation well into ’92. Hence the stadium tour that the two embarked upon that year. The tour kicked off in July, so along with year two of Lollapalooza, those two shows were the hottest tickets of the summer of ’92 live slate.


Metallica and GNR Tour: A Fuzzy History in Foxboro

So here’s what I remember. When news of a Metallica and Guns N’ Roses tour first started surfacing, rumors were that Nirvana would be the support act. But they didn’t end up being the support act. That honor went to Faith No More, who had just released their album Angel Dust. Turns out Kurt Cobain himself turned down the offer to open on behalf of the band. Thanks, Wikipedia.


Of course, before I had the forethought to turn to the internet for details (too bad we didn’t have that back in ’92! I mean, we did, but not like we do today), I turned to you. Below, I’ve shared some more of your memories of Metallica and Guns N’ Roses in Foxboro in the summer of ’92. I was able to find some live footage from the tour, too.

  • The Tour Tee

    A few years ago, I celebrated the show’s anniversary with music from each of the three bands. I even found an image of the tour t-shirt online!

  • T-Shirt Sleuthing

    If you look closely at the shirt, you’ll see the Foxboro date is wrong. But it’s not. There’s a reason for that.

  • "Hetfield Burns"

    At the August 8 stop in Montreal, James Hetfield caught fire. Shows were rescheduled, Hetfield couldn’t play guitar and was relegated to lead-singer-only status for a time.

  • A Show Review

    You can dig into the replies on my Tweet for more reviews and memories, but Swirling Media’s is pretty succinct.

  • Metallica's Set

    Here’s a bootleg of the full Metallica set which I was able to find on YouTube.

  • Stadium Tour News Segment

    Here’s a news report on Guns N’ Roses and Metallica from ’92. It comes courtesy of CBS8 in San Diego.

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