You never know who are are going to spot dancing in the streets of Boston, or driving by, or taking a break on the set in Winthrop. Just last weekend, Adam Sandler was spotted in the passenger seat of an SUV. Yesterday, fans got a glimpse of Liam Neeson filming his movie, Thug, in Winthrop. So many movies have been filmed in and around the Boston area over the last few years.

Remember last September when social media posts were popping up after people caught glimpses of a Will Farrell/Ryan Reynolds movie being made in the streets of Boston? Let’s take a look at that and the official trailer for the upcoming Apple TV+ movie, Spirited!

  • On the Set Of Spirited

    September of last year, this was happening on the cobblestone streets of Boston. Clearly, it was a holiday themed musical being made in our fair city with 2 of Hollywood’s biggest stars. But that’s all we knew at the time.


  • See The Official Trailer

    Just recently Apple TV+ released the official trailer for the holiday movie, Spirited. 

  • When and Where Can I See Spirited

    Spirited will be released to theaters on November 11,  and November 18 for streaming via Apple TV+. 

  • A New Spin On A Classic Christmas Story

    Parade calls Spirited, “a spirted new spin on a Christmas Carol.” Frankly, if Will Ferrell is in a holiday movie, I’m all in.

    The story follows the Ghost of Christmas Present, played by Will Ferrell. He has his sights set on saving the dark soul of a New York media consultant, played by Ryan Reynolds. According to the Ghost, Reynolds’ character is “the perfect combination of Mussolini and Ryan Seacrest.” Reynolds insists that his character “doesn’t have the requisite scruples to understand that what he’s doing is wrong,”

    All that and we get to see them sing and dance!

    Octavia Spencer, Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell Share Sweet Details from the Christmases of Their Childhoods

    The stars of 'Christmas Carol'-inspired new holiday musical 'Spirited' celebrated Christmas in very different ways and regions.

  • Where Was The Movie Shot

    According to Boston Uncovered, the musical comedy was filmed in towns and cities all across Massachusetts including “Boston, Worcester, Braintree, Devens, Everett, Framingham, Lynnfield, Melrose, and Weymouth from July to October of 2021. While production did a great job disguising Boston as a snowy New York City, you might just recognize some familiar streets.”

    This video was taken looking down outside the Bell in Hand Tavern

    This fan caught the scene over by Faneuil Hall

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