These 8 Celebrities Are From Lovely Little Massachusetts Towns

You've likely heard of or read about some of Hollywood's most famous people and the Massachusetts towns from which they hail. We all know about Matt Damon and Ben Afflect being from Cambridge. But what about the charming small towns in our state. What actors, athletes, singers, and comedians come from some of the sweet suburban sanctuaries? Well, these 8 celebrities are from lovely little Massachusetts towns. From Stoneham to Canton, these acclaimed actors and athletes have called some of our state's most adorable towns home. They were born here or grew up here. Where you come from says a lot about who you are. Many songs have been sung, and movies have been made about the budding star wanting to leave their hometown for the lights and action of big cities. But in the end, we all appreciate where we grew up, and the effect it had on our path in life. Take and look at these 8 celebrities and the lovely little Massachusetts towns they are from. With the help of IMDB, Wikipedia, Only in Your State, and the celebrity's websites, I have put together their hometown information for you.  

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