Wicked Fall Guide

Wicked Fall Guide

Wicked Fall Guide

One of the best parts of fall and Halloween season is alll those classic films. But it’s even more interesting when they take place in local towns! So many Halloween films take place in various towns in New England, some fictional and some not. Plus, some were actually filmed here too. Check out our list below of our favorite fall movies that are set in New England!

  • Hocus Pocus (1993)

    Hocus Pocus takes places in Salem, Massachusetts 300 years after the infamous Witch Trials and tells the story of a group of kids who must stop three ancient witches – led by the fabulous Bette Midler – from taking over the town. Plus, a large part of it is filmed there too!

  • Casper (1995)

    This family classic takes place in the real-life town of Friendship, Maine. The movie is about a “ghost therapist” who is hired to exorcise the spirits from a haunted mansion that supposedly contains hidden treasure, while his daughter befriends the “friendly ghost” of a 12-year-old boy who died in the house.

  • Beetlejuice (1988)

    Beetlejuice takes place in a Connecticut village, but was actually filmed in East Corinth, Vermont.  The plot revolves around a couple that recently died who become ghosts haunting their former home.

  • The Witches of Eastwick (1987)

    The Witches of Eastwick was filmed in Cohasset and Ipswich, Massachusetts. However, the novel is actually set in Rhode Island. The movie stars Cher, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Susan Sarandon as witches who are unaware of their powers.

  • Practical Magic (1998)

    Practical Magic is based in Massachusetts and featured two sisters (Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman) who are best friends despite their many differences. The women in their family are cursed to suffer the untimely loss of any man they fall in love with. When one of their former lovers refuses to rest, the pair must find a way to not only get rid of him, but also break the longstanding family curse. 

  • Para-Norman (2012)

    Para-Norman, a kid movie with a heartwarming message, takes places in the fictional town of Blithe Hollow, Massachusetts. It tells the story of Norman Babcock, a pre-teen nerd who speaks to dead people. He is the only person who can stop the curse in the town.

  • The Conjuring (2013)

    The Conjuring takes place in Burrwillville, Rhode Island and is based on the happenings of the Perron family. In 1971, they called fame paranormal investigators to their home as they thought they were being haunted.

  • The Witch (2015)

    The Witch is set in Plymouth, Massachusetts, although it was allegedly based on the writer’s childhood growing up in New Hampshire. It follows the path of a family who was banished from Plymouth Colony in the 1650′s.

  • Hubie Halloween (2020)

    Hubie Halloween not only takes place in Salem, Massachusetts, but it was partly filmed there too! In addition to Salem, it was largely filmed in the North Shore region, including Marblehead, Ipswich, Beverly, and Danvers, among other spots. Hubie Dubois is a figure of mockery for kids and adults in the town, but now it’s up to him to save Halloween.

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