Sunny Day Real Estate. Live, in Quincy, with my kid who loves the band just as much as I do. What a day.

Sunny Day Real Estate songs, performed live right in Quincy, were just one of the highlights of Day 1 of In Between Days Festival, 2023.


In Between Days was a blast overall. An excellent festival experience in a manageable space, right there on the South Shore, in Quincy. If you’d like a full recap of ROCK 92.9’s weekend at the festival, you can get that here. But I’d like to share one particular story about my day there, if you’d be so kind as to read it.


I arrived as early as I could so I’d be able to take photos and videos of all the acts to share on ROCK 92.9’s social media feeds. Live (and local!) music is important and I try to make sure it’s a priority at the station. As I was sitting to compose my first post of the day, I looked up to see Dan Hoerner of Sunny Day Real Estate strolling the festival grounds. I don’t get starstruck often; it’s not in my job description. But this is a guy from a band that’s meant so much to me for so many years. Top 10, all-time Adam 12 favorite.


“Dan!” I blurted out. “Can’t wait to see you guys later on! I was at the show when you were in Boston last year! And I was there for the first reunion tour in 2009! And my kid is coming later on and we’re going to get to see you together!” Not full-on fanboying–I stayed seated & didn’t ask him for a selfie or anything–but still, I was gushing. He was all smiles and gracious. All in all, it was a nice moment.


Turns out it wouldn’t be the last.


Sunny Day Real Estate Songs: Sharing a Favorite With My Kid

My kid, Kade, did indeed come to the show. I played SDRE for him last summer while I was binging before the aforementioned reunion show and–get this–Kade LOVED them. They’ve become a band we share. When friend and festival guy Chris Rucker told me in January they’d be on the bill, I called Kade immediately to say: “Guess who we’re seeing this summer?”


We were right up front for the whole set tonight. We sang and cheered and I might have (definitely) got a little glasseyed. It was a good set made great by the fact that I got to share it with my kid. Core memory type stuff.


Later on, we were in the area of the festival grounds that abuts backstage, waiting for Modest Mouse to come on. Someone caught my eye. There he was, Dan Hoerner, making his way out into the crowd. “Dan!” I called out. But he didn’t hear me. I turned to Kade: “That was Dan from Sunny Day! He was too far away.”


We watched the first Modest Mouse song, then made our way back toward the crowd to find the rest of our crew: Meghan and Jon. You can probably guess who came walking toward us. Dan Hoerner, of course. “Great set, Dan” I beamed, while shaking his hand. “We can’t thank you enough; it means so much. This is my son Kade…” I trailed off as he took Kade’s hand and gave it a shake.


Bless Dan’s heart. He and the rest of the SDRE guys probably get a constant onslaught of old heads like me with tears in their eyes telling them how much we love them and how important their music is. But he was kind and gracious and took a moment to make a moment for me and my kid. My kid, by the way, was over the moon. Eyes like saucers. Couldn’t believe it. Shook hands with the guy on the stage playing the guitar.


So that’s my story. It’s a bit rambly and a bit scattered, but that’s because I’m a bit rambly and a bit scattered. Thanks for taking the time to read it. I’m sure you can appreciate it.

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