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Rock Star’s Daughter Claims Sexy One Night Stand With Matt Damon

Rock Star's Daughter Claims Sexy One Night Stand With Matt Damon! Wait, what? Teddi Mellencamp, Real Housewife of Beverly Hills alum and daughter of '80s rock star icon John Mellencamp, claims she had a sexy one night stand with Matt Damon. During  an appearance on Jeff Lewis' podcast yesterday, the mother of four  revealed she one had a one-night-stand with the A-list actor back in the day. She was with her Two T's in a Pod co-host and fellow Housewife, Tamra Judge, who essentially led her to the confession. While Teddi was reluctant to reveal the name of her one-night stand, she admitted to the act, not the name: "I was 20. I had a fake ID to get into the club. He was probably 30, [so] 10 years older." "I only slept with him one night. He didn't get my number." Then, Teddi dropped one more hint: "All I can tell you is he has a very famous best friend as well." Paging Ben Affleck! Tamra did Teddi dirty by revealing the star's initials—M.D.—causing Teddi to scream and blush. THEN Jeff Lewis and his co-hosts decided Matt Damon was the actor in question. GOOD LORD. Teddi laughed. It was slightly uncomfortable. You can see it all go down here: Mellencamp is married to Edwin Arroyave and have four children. The “Good Will Hunting” star met Luciana Bozán Barroso in 2005 while she was a bartender in Miami. They have three daughters. No word on Matt's response.  

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