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Jack Osbourne has a theory that the government is hiding information about UFOs from its citizens. The son of metal icon Ozzy Osbourne discussed his views on UFOs with TMZ this week, stating that the “people that are gonna know this stuff are the lifelong generals or the CEOs of these contracting companies” that work for the government.

The appearance was to promote Jack’s upcoming discovery+ special, Jack Osbourne’s Night of Terror: UFOs. View the full interview below. Speaking with TMZ Live, Jack addressed people who are skeptical of alien life. “To scoff at that notion is incredibly ignorant.”

Last year, the New York Times reported that the Pentagon confirmed the government still hasn’t figured out what was behind numerous reports of unidentified flying objects over the years. Per the Times, “a total of 143 reports gathered since 2004 remain unexplained. Of those, 21 reports of unknown phenomena, involving 18 episodes, possibly demonstrate technological capabilities that are unknown to the United States. Those reports include objects moving without observable propulsion or with rapid acceleration that is believed to be beyond the capabilities of Russia, China or other terrestrial nations.”

But Jack says, “The government knows exactly what this is. And they’re just kind of [giving us] drips and drabs, kind of giving us scraps from the table. To not hit us with the hard news right away.” When asked if it’s possible that the government doesn’t really have the answers when it comes to UFOs, he said, “I think there’s a huge portion of the government [that knows].”

“I don’t think everyone in Congress is sitting around like, ‘Ah, there are 325 million idiots, we know it all and they don’t’ — although, that probably does happen a lot, but that’s a different subject,” Jack added. “But I do think they have a greater understanding of what we are encountering.”

Jack Osbourne’s Night of Terror: UFOs will stream on Discovery+ starting Saturday (Sept. 3).

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