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Did You Know There’s a Foo Fighters Pinball Machine?

Shame on me for being a Foo Fighters fan and a pinball fan and not knowing about the Foo Fighters pinball machine.   I found out about this on vacation, of all places. I just got back from my annual week in Wells Beach, Maine with my folks and my kids and my brother. I actually shared my "vacation tips" here, if you're looking to visit Wells Beach anytime soon (and you should). One of my Wells Beach must-visits is the Boardwalk Arcade, and that's where I came across the machine in question.   I've been going to Wells Beach and the Boardwalk Arcade since I was a grade school kid in the late '80s. The Boardwalk has been on Mile Road for longer than that, just steps away from the Casino Circle end of the beach. I've logged quite a few hours playing Skee-Ball and video games, but pinball has always been my go-to. Fun House was an early favorite of mine, as was The Bally Game Show.   Did You Know There's a Foo Fighters Pinball Machine? On Tuesday of our vacation week, I hopped in the car with my brother Nate and my two kids to hit the Boardwalk Arcade, as there was rain in the forecast. Everyone fanned out to choose the games they wanted to play. That's when I spotted my brother at the pinball machines. He was playing a Foo Fighters pinball machine! I didn't even know that was a thing! I played too, of course. [caption id="attachment_277265" align="alignnone" width="1920"] The Boardwalk Arcade is just steps away from the Casino Circle end of Wells Beach. Perfect for a beach break or a rainy day, and the selection of old school and new school arcade games is unparalleled.[/caption]   Turns out Stern Pinball rolled out the game earlier this year. It comes in pro, premium, and limited edition. We played the pro, and it was fantastic. Excellent ball paths, fun graphics. Very Foo-y. You can learn more about the game here, or just watch the trailer below.

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