Titanic debuted 20 years ago (hard to believe, right?) and while fans are still just as crazy for the Leo DiCaprio-Kate Winslet movie as they were two decades ago, there’s one question that remains on everyone’s mind: how come there wasn’t room for two people on that door!?

You remember the famous scene: Rose and Jack are floating in the ocean talking about how Rose will “never let go, Jack!” when all of a sudden her man is swept beneath the sea. The whole thing seemed pretty sketchy, and that door appeared to be big enough for two.

Kate Winslet stopped by to see Stephen Colbert recently, and the two decided to break down the dilemma for themselves, once and for all. Spoiler alert: Jack TOTALLY could have fit. Check it out:

If only Rose could have been as spatially aware as Kate Winslet…



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