We take a lot of shots at criminals and people who get busted breaking the law.  Usually, because they are so idiotic we feel the need to recognize how dumb of a criminal they are.  Sometimes it’s to play a game to determine how attractive they are. Other times it’s to laugh at how funny their mugshot looks.

This time around we are taking a moment to point out how pervy some can be!  This post is dedicated to people who have been busted doing the most perverted of things.

So if you’ve been busted being nude in public, having sex on a beach, or doing something so naughty we can’t even imagine it yet, keep in mind.  We may immortalize your mugshot here for the whole world to see.

  • Pervert of the Day - Pest Control Employee Exposing Himself To Elderly Women

    This pest control employee is in some hot water after offering a service that is not on the menu of his employer. According to reports, 27-year-old Tyler Mountain has been exposing himself to elderly women while giving quotes for pest control services.

    It appears he uses the same technique with each victim. A 76-year-old victim alleges that Mountain had come to her home to give a quote on pest control.  He was inside of her bathroom inspecting it and then walked out with his zipper down and penis exposed.  He then asked the woman if she could help him cause the zipper was broken.

    The woman refused to help.  She had contacted police and when the detectives reached out to his employer they were told that Mountain had been fired from employment following the complaint.  Turns out this wasn’t the first time Mountain had pulled the broken zipper move.  It had happened at another elderly woman’s home back in July.

    mugshot of male with red hair and beard

    Polk County Sheriff’s Office

    Mountain was arrested and charged for that incident as well.  Deputies are currently looking for other victims who may have had Mountain and his broken zipper at their home for a quote. Mountain was charged with lewd exhibition and lewd exhibition to an elderly person.

  • Pervert of the Day - Florida Man Busted Pleasuring Himself While Riding A Bike

    Now this guy can definitely multitask…kind of. We’re not sure if this guy was practicing for some sort of dirty Guinness World Record or just SUPER horny, but a female witnessed a guy on a bike with his penis out pleasuring himself in a parking lot.

    According to reports, 44-year-old, Timothy Graham was allegedly “masturbating while riding his bicycle” in a parking lot at 5 am. The witness called the police and officers were able to find a man on a bike in the area.

    When they questioned the man on the bike he claimed that he had been asleep in a park before the police stopped him.  But the man still had his zipper down when officers stopped him. Also the woman who witnessed the bike jerker said she was 100% sure the man the officers stopped was the parking lot bike jerker.

    mugshot of man who was masturbating on bike in parking lot

    Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office

    Graham was arrested and charged with exposure of sexual organs. Graham had actually been recently released from state prison after serving time for a 2001 conviction of attempted murder, arson, and burglary.

    Hopefully, this will just be a minor setback in rehabilitation back into society and maybe a wake-up call that his attempt at getting into the Guinness Book of World Records is probably not a good idea.  May try solving the Rubix cube on a bike and leave your penis in your pants.


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