Where IS the best city for singles? If you’re single, names like e Harmony, dating.com and others are your new friend.  You can’t watch a TV show that appeals to ANY age, without seeing a reference to dating apps.

Do they work? They sure do. People have started lasting relationships, that started, ON-LINE. With busier than ever work schedules, hitting the bar scene is not so easy. Add to that, people that have kids, but are looking for a new person, find dating apps more convenient than, match-making friends.

Of course, not everyone has success with dating apps. Dates that start on an app can end in disaster. In other words, dating in 2023, is not easy. While you maybe be looking for love in all the right places, your day to day living finds you at times, alone. Hey, that’s not all bad. Sometimes we ALL need time with ourselves.

Best City For Singles?

Boston to me is the best city for just about everything. But is it the BEST city to be single?

Wallethub is back with an interesting report on finding the best AND WORST city to be single:

With nearly 47% of all U.S. adults being unmarried and only 42% of single adults interested in a relationship or casual dating right now, the personal-finance website WalletHub today released its Financial Secrets Survey, alongside its report on 2024’s Best & Worst Cities for Singles, to help people maximize their chances of finding love without breaking the bank. 

As we see the list of the BEST and WORST cities for being single, get ready! You may be surprised to see what cities made the top five, and where our local cities rank.

To help America’s singles find love, WalletHub compared more than 182 U.S. cities across 35 key indicators of dating-friendliness. The data set ranges from the share of the population that is single to the number of online dating opportunities to the average price for a two-person meal.

Where does Boston rank?

  • 1-Seattle


    Image by Getty Images

    First kiss fireworks may happen in Seattle. But as far as costs, Seattle is not the cheapest, as it ranks #174 in “economics.” BUT it ranks top FIVE in FUN, and #3 in “dating opportunities.” Congrats Seattle! You are #1!

  • 2-Las Vegas


    (Photo by: Visions of America/Education Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

    The Sin City is ranked #1 for FUN AND RECREATION. Are we surprised? For dating opportunities, Vegas ranks #45.

    Overall, Las Vegas is #2. Will you have Elvis marry you?

  • 3-Denver


    Image by Getty Images

    Denver boasts a #6 rank for dating opportunities! But be warned, the altitude can affect those with respiratory challenges. Bring your inhaler on your first date, and don’t go skiing.

  • 4-Atlanta

    Image by Getty Images

    The Peach state boasts Atlanta as top 10 for FUN. If you research it, Atlanta has a lot to offer if you’re single and looking for your future partner, or a current one.

  • 59! Boston!

    Image by Getty Images

    What, Boston is NUMBER 59? Well we rank #47 in dating opportunities, #18 in FUN, and #181 for “economics.” Yes, we know, it’s very expensive to have fun here, never mind dating. How many $300 dinners can we afford, as we are trying out dating?

    Maybe we’ll do better when Wallethub does a survey called, “Best City to Be Married.” But don’t lose hope, my son who lives in the Seaport, met his girlfriend on a dating app here and they are doing quite well, going on two years!

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