Kansas Coy Chiefs are champions again (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)

Well, just like that another NFL season is in the books. That’s all she wrote. Now, we anxiously away the NFL Draft. So, now that the game is over, let’s look back. Here are 5 ways to improve the Big Game.

I think it was a well done production. CBS did a fantastic job. However, improvements can still be made! Here’s what I suggest doing to improve things next year.

5 Ways To Improve The Big Game

First, I have to say it’s not like it needs much improving. We got a great game, with an overtime finish. The halftime show was entertaining. There were some funny commercials. Thank you Mountain Dew Baja Blast and CeraVe, with the unexpected hit. Well done on that one.

The game had everything we could ask for. There was an entertaining finish, quality commercials, and good production by CBS. Nothing went wrong. They say don’t fix what isn’t broken, but I disagree. I think you can always improve things that aren’t entirely broken. Little updates can be greatly beneficial.

Some of these suggested fixes involve the broadcast production. Others involve the game itself. Some of these fixes will be easier to pull off than others. While some changes will need a complete overhaul of protocols in the NFL. However, I believe that these changes are not only best for the game of football and the NFL, but for fans. We all can win in this scenario. When we all win, the consumer is happy with an entertaining product, the NFL is making money, and so are the TV networks. Win win win.

So, what changes do I have in mind? You might agree with some. Others you may not. That’s totally fine. I think we all have our ideas on ways to improve the Big Game. Here are 5 of my ideas that I think everyone can be happy with.

  • Make Monday A National Holiday

    This debate certainly isn’t new. It’s been going on for years. Yet, it still hasn’t happened. So, we press on. The day after the Big Game should be a national holiday. We shouldn’t have to go to work. Maybe move the game to the weekend of Presidents’ Day. That way we don’t have to go to work in the morning. It’s possible to pull off.

  • Put The Game On Every Network

    The game should be played on every network. Which one you choose to watch is up to you. That way we can have all the best broadcasters from every network giving a go at it, and you can pick your favorite. I’d love to watch the ManningCast during the Big Game. Maybe someone else would prefer Fox’s team. To each their own. Then, each network could have its own halftime show so you can find the one that works for you. More variety that way. It’s like New Years Eve how every network does something. Do that for the Big Game!

  • No Early Commercial Releases

    I hate how so many ads for the Big Game come out early. Let’s put an end to that. No more of that. I want them all to be a surprise. That’s what makes them so special. Let’s go back to the pre-internet age. That would be awesome.

  • Let Every Team Host

    I hate how they only host the Big Game in warm cities. I think every city should have to host it. No skipping teams. Everyone gets their shot. Green Bay in February? Yup, have to do it. No skips. Miami? Sure. The fun places still happen too. But if I had it my way, everyone would have a shot.

  • Start It Earlier

    Look, if it’s not going to be a holiday the game needs to start earlier. Even if it is it should start earlier. The game didn’t end until almost 11pm. On a Sunday! It make me sound old, but that’s late! Sorry West Coast. The game should start earlier. It drags on for way too long.

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