Gotta love the GEICO Caveman! (Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images)

The Big Game is over, but now the commercials will live on in infamy forever. At least they will on the internet. There were some good ones, there were some bad ones. Will any become classics? Unsure. Unlikely they’ll become any of these 5 all-time great unforgettably hilarious commercials.

Sometimes, commercials just stick. They become a huge part of pop culture. Then, we get sick of them. However, these ones will live on forever.

5 All-Time Great Unforgettably Hilarious Commercials

Everyone has their favorite commercial. It could be their favorite product. Or, maybe the commercial stars a celebrity you really like. Both happen all the time. Sometimes, our favorite commercials have nothing to do with our loyalty or preference to a certain product. Commercials can be hilarious. Of course, some are better than others.

Not every commercial that’s considered a classic or popular is necessarily funny. I don’t think the Budweiser “Wazzup?” campaign is still very comical. We played it out. Or, was it ever even very funny to begin with? That’s up for debate.

Previously, it seemed like the funny commercials were reserved for the beer companies. Every year they would have the most anticipated ads during the Big Game. Often, they didn’t disappoint. Between all the brands there were some unforgettable campaigns created.

Now, it seems like the insurance companies are the ones creating the funniest ads. At least if you ask me. It seems like all of them have had a successful campaign that’s made me laugh, or at least acknowledge how clever it is.

Over the years, there have been countless hilarious ads and campaigns made. There have been ads for snacks, sodas, beer, insurance, and more all making impactful ads. Some of these ads have featured big names, others have become celebrities from their ads alone. I mean, look at how long Flo has been in commercials. I have to imagine she’s making bank by now.

Here are 5 unforgettably hilarious all-time great commercials and campaigns!

  • Progressive Insurance - Dr. Rick

    One of my favorite campaigns in recent years has been the Progressive “turning into your parents” ads with Dr. Rick. They’re hilarious. Not to mention spot on. They’re always so relatable and I find myself thinking about them all the time. Each one is great.

  • Liberty Mutual - Liberty Bibity

    I love this guy. These commercials are so funny and I’m glad they brought him back. See, it takes a lot of skill to play a bad actor. You can’t play too far into it. There’s a delicate balance and this actor plays it perfectly. It’s cringeworthy and it’s fantastic. One of my all-time favorites.

  • AT&T - It's Not Complicated

    SNL’s Beck Bennett starred in these AT&T ads. They were always consistently hilarious. Beck was great with the kids and provided dry humor and quick wit. Always loved these ads. It was a more likable kids say the darnedest things type deal.

  • GEICO - Caveman

    “So easy a Cave man could do it,” became a famous slogan. The ads were funny and insanely popular. Like, insanely. They were so popular they even created a TV show based on the character from the ads. Has that ever happened before? Flo doesn’t have her own TV show. That’s wild if you think about it. Now, they’re back and I hope they keep the commercials coming.

  • A&W - Mr. Dumas

    Remember this classic? I think about it all the time. A&W doesn’t seem to come out with too many ads, but they’ll always have this one. I consider it one of the greatest of all-time. Such a flub. But, it happens! I feel like we’ve all been there. Great commercial that remains timeless.

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