CoComelon Party Time Comes To Boston For ONE Weekend Only In May!

CoComelon Party Time is in Boston for one weekend only. Parents, bring your kids and go wild at this fun event in the month of May! If you have never heard of CoComelon, I am pretty sure you live under a rock. Or maybe you just don't have children, and that's totally understandable why you've never heard of the show. But CoComelon is a vibrant, animated cartoon that originally aired on YouTube. As of March 2024, CoComelon was the 3rd most-subscribed and 2nd most-viewed channel on YouTube. Over the years it's expanded to other streaming services. Now you can watch it on Netflix, Ruku and Hulu. It's such a popular show that it racked up 601 million hours on Netflix in 2023. Those are BIG numbers! Obviously the show is popular, so this will be a fun event for kids and families. Jared Paul, the founder of Faculty Productions explains that the event will include a number of different play areas with party games, a light-up dance floor, and an activity center. Kids will be able to take a pretend ride in a hot air balloon and have the opportunity to take photos with their favorite CoComelon friends such as JJ, YoYo, TomTom, Nina, and Cody. Ticket Information and Location For CoComelon Party Time CoComelon Party Time Presented by Mary Ruth’s  May 10-12, 2024 / 200 Stuart Street (Inside The Revere Hotel Boston Commons) Sing, Dance and Play with JJ, Cody, Yo-Yo and More! Tickets on Sale Now at (tickets start at $35, children under 12-months are free) In addition to Boston, MA, CoComelon Party Time will also bring the party to several other cities in the Northeast this spring. There will be stops in Englewood, NJ, Philadelphia, PA, Harrisburg, PA, Arlington, VA, and Baltimore, MD. To sign up for the mailing list and for more information on the event, venue information and a list of FAQs, go to [gallery ids="331229,331232,331223,"] Related Content: [select-listicle listicle_id="1137614" syndication_name="9-touristy-boston-restaurants-that-are-genuinely-good" description="yes"]