Wicked Fall Guide


Here’s 6 Last Minute DIY Halloween Costumes (It Saves You Money Too)

It's almost Halloween! If you need a costume in a pinch, here are six ideas using items you probably already have in your closet . . . Remember the days when you had to make your own costume from what was already in the house, or from mom's Halloween box of stuff in the basement? I recall putting on my dad's old winter coat and smearing ashes on my face to look like a hobo or a little tramp. I carried my candy loot in a bag on a stick just like the old fashioned bum (I know that we don't use that term anymore so forgive me) Big Halloween Stores have take over It's not as common for kids to make their own costumes anymore. Let's face it, most of the time parents take the kids to one of those super high priced pop up Halloween stores. They peruse the hundreds of different costumes, everything from Little Mermaids to very cool Spiderman. These costumes can run a family of four way over a couple hundred dollars. Sure, it's easy because these costumes come complete with everything you need. Why not do it yourself? There's something fun and appealing about making your own costume. The satisfaction of knowing you didn't pay an arm and leg for pre-packaged over priced costume. You can still go to these big box Spooky stores to help outfit your costume. One year I went as Clark Kent in mid Superman mode. Basically I got a nice white shirt half open and had my tie hanging loose. I bought a cheap Superman t-shirt with the signature S emblazoned on it., (so people understood my attempt at being a Super Hero's real persona). I added a nice pair of horn rimmed black glasses, the same that Clark wore while working at the Daily Planet. It was the easiest costume I ever put together, and it only cost $20.00 for the t - shirt and another 5 bucks for the cheap glasses.