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3 New England Destinations Named Even Better During the Shoulder Season

New England's best shoulder season destinations are tops in the U.S., according to Travel + Leisure   and are just a car ride away! Shoulder season in the travel industry refers to the period between peak and off-peak seasons. It's that sweet spot when the weather's still decent, but the crowds have thinned out. During shoulder season, you can score some fantastic deals. Hotels and flights often offer lower prices, which means more money in your pocket for souvenirs or fancy dinners. The weather can be more comfortable during shoulder season. You won't be sweating buckets or freezing your toes off. It's like Mother Nature's way of saying, "Come on, travel, and enjoy without extremes!" Tourist attractions are less crowded, making it easier to explore and take in the sights. No need to elbow your way through crowds or wait in long lines. But, be aware – shoulder season might mean some places have reduced hours or maintenance going on. So, do your research and plan accordingly. In a nutshell, shoulder season is a smart traveler's secret. You get the best of both worlds – savings and comfort. So, if you're looking for a fantastic travel experience without breaking the bank or dealing with hordes of tourists, shoulder season is your answer. So what New England destinations are even better during the shoulder season, according to Travel and Leisure? Of  the top 10 popular U.S. destinations that are even better in the shoulder season Cape Cod, Mass., Newport, R.I., and Kennebunkport, Maine made the list. According to the travel mag: Cape Cod: “The quaint villages turn on the charm when the crowds disperse,” Travel + Leisure wrote. “The weather — particularly in September and October — invites long walks and scenic bike rides. Of course, there’s still plenty of clam chowder and d oysters on the menu at the harborside shacks.” Newport, RI "Most people think of Newport as a summer resort that charms visitors with its sailing regattas, buzzy waterfront restaurants, and outdoor concert series, but New Englanders know this Rhode Island city is particularly wonderful in shoulder season when the beaches are empty, The Cliff Walk doesn’t feel so crowded, and it’s possible to wander through the Gilded Age mansions without hordes of tourists," the site said. Kennebunkport, Maine: "Prefer a quieter Maine getaway that doesn’t skimp on fresh lobster, coastal walks, or sailing excursions? Head to Kennebunkport after the summer visitors go home. September and October thrum with activity at the hotels, shops, restaurants, and beaches (you just might need a sweater) — especially during prime foliage time," the magazine reported.  

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