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Trader Joe’s Sells Alcohol At 7 Massachusetts Locations!

Did you know that there are seven Trader Joe's locations that sell alcohol in Massachusetts? There are twenty-one Trader Joe's grocery stores across the Commonwealth. But only seven of those grocery stores give you the option to pick up a bottle of wine or a six-pack. And those seven are the locations that we are going to focus on today. I used to own a cottage in West Yarmouth and my husband loves the Trader Joe's Cold Brew that they sell there. So, I went to stock up for our cottage while we were on vacation last August. I got the essentials like butter, eggs, milk and pasta. When I finally got to the other end of the store I noticed some ice-cold IPA's in the display cooler. As I turned to my right, there was an entire row of alcohol. I was shocked to see beer and wine that filled each side of the aisle. There was even a "French Reds" section, how fancy! I had never seen such a thing before in a Trader Joe's in Massachusetts! The two Trader Joe's that I shop at in Hingham and Hanover don't have wine, liquor or beer. I was flabbergasted! (Don't you love that word?) So, I approached an employee and asked her if the Hyannis store was the only location that sold wine and beer. She informed me that there are seven locations in MA where you can buy it. I Researched So You Don't Have To I had to do my own research on this because I was so fascinated. Where did I begin? I went to and started my initial search and I went through each and every location in Massachusetts to find the stores that sold alcohol. It was kind of a tedious process, but don't worry, I did the research so you don't have to! You'll find below all 7 locations and the various reasons why they make great locations to sell booze. Let me say that I wish that all Trader Joe's sold alcohol. Here Are The 7 Trader Joe's Locations That Sell Alcohol