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How Many Pickleball Courts In Massachusetts? Shockingly, Hundreds!

Pickleball is the fastest growing sport in the United States, and based on the amount of pickleball courts in Massachusetts, it's VERY popular here as well. In fact, Massachusetts has the 15th most pickleball courts in the United States. We will get to that in a minute. Pickleball is a sport that combines elements of tennis, badminton, and table tennis. This game has totally captured the hearts of people across the nation, and my mother. As of the latest rankings, pickleball has grown in numbers. According to the 2023 APP Pickleball Participation Report, 36.5 million people have played pickleball once in the past year. Most of those people are male. If you think it's an "old person sport," you'd be wrong. The largest age bracket of pickleball players (28.8%) are ages 18-34 years old. [caption id="attachment_1150691" align="alignnone" width="1024"] This is Anna Leigh Waters. She's 17-years-old and is currently the No. 1 player in world in women’s professional pickleball. She became the youngest professional player and tournament champion at the age of 12.[/caption] How Popular Is Pickleball In The Bay State? Massachusetts has the 15th most pickleball courts in the United States. And in terms of popularity alone, Florida holds the number one position, followed by Arizona, Utah and Texas. What's even more impressive is that MA has 374 pickleball courts (and more being built I'm sure!) All of these ones are public courts and free to use. I'm sure gyms and tennis clubs have their own private courses, but the 374 that I'm referring to are all free. What Towns Have The Most Pickleball Courts? According to the website,, the top 3 cities in Massachusetts with pickleball courts are Boston (24 courts), Newton (12 courts), and Westfield (6 courts). As pickleball continues to gain momentum, its future appears bright. The sport's accessibility, social nature, and health benefits make it an ideal choice for individuals and families seeking an engaging recreational activity. The commitment of communities like Massachusetts to provide ample facilities and support ensures that the pickleball craze will continue to thrive across the nation, solidifying its place as the fastest-growing sport in the United States. [select-listicle listicle_id="1079900" syndication_name="five-great-places-to-play-pickleball-in-massachusetts" description="yes"]