Any doubts regarding Geddy Lee’s status as rock royalty were dispelled over the weekend when the former Rush singer and bassist arrived at an event with a very recognizable chauffeur.  Dave F***kin Grohl!!!!

Lee was in Toronto on Saturday to sign copies of his book, the Big Beautiful Book of Bass, at Cosmo MusicFest.  Fans waiting for the icon’s arrival exploded when an SUV pulled up and the object of their collective affection exited from the passenger side. Just moments later, the crowd burst into cheers again when they got a look at the man who’d driven Lee to the appearance: Dave Grohl.

Fans might not have even noticed the Foo Fighter-turned-chauffeur, had Grohl not shown himself. According to a fan who was standing near the SUV, Grohl jumped out of the vehicle and raced through the crowd, yelling, “Sorry! Gotta pee!”

This dude’s Twitter musta been blowin’ up this weekend.