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Must Haves

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One of my favorite things to see in people’s houses are their novelty shot glasses. Whether it’s from places they’ve traveled to or cool funny things from their favorite shows or movies, shot glasses have some really cool designs. So we decided to put together a list of cool shot glasses you can own that will make a really fun addition to your home bar area.

  • 1) Mug Shot Shot Glass Set

    This is one of the coolest sets of shot glasses I’ve ever seen. These are mug shot, shot glasses that feature six of the U.S.’s most notorious gangsters like Lucky Luciano and Al Capone. Each shot glass has a front and profile mug shot of a famous gangster, along with his rap sheet.

  • 2) The Garrison Tavern Whiskey Shot Glasses

    If you’re a Peaky Blinders fan, then hearing the tavern name The Garrison probably has your interest peaked (no pun intended). This shot glass set comes with 6 shot glasses featuring the iconic logo from the show, as well as a wooden holder also featuring The Garrison’s logo on the side.

  • 3) Shot Roulette

    Sometimes when you’re drinking you just want to have fun. Why not play a game of Shot Roulette? This is like a standard roulette wheel, but instead of winning money for whatever it lands on the person playing takes a shot of whatever is in the shot glass, it lands on. Definitely, an interesting way to get a party started.

    Get It Here On IWOOT
  • 4) Rx Prescription Shot Glass

    This is one way to “take your medicine,” especially if your medicine is a shot of alcohol. This is a standard 2-ounce shot glass and is not a part of a set.

    Pick It Up On Amazon
  • 5) Shakespearean Insult Shot Glasses

    While they are some of the oddest ways to insult people, these Shakespearean insults always get a good laugh so why not add them on a shot glass? This set includes 6 insults from William Shakespeare’s most famous plays. It would make the perfect gift for the English literature lover in your life.

  • 6) Winter Is Coming Shot Glass

    That’s right Game of Thrones fans, even though the show is over you can still drink those sorrows away with a Winter Is Coming shot glass. This shot glass features the House Stark Sigil and their motto “Winter Is Coming.” 

    Snag One Here From IWOOT
  • 7) Tito’s Vodka Shot Glasses

    If you love Tito’s Vodka then you have to check out this awesome Tito’s Vodka shot glass. They feature the iconic Tito’s label and are perfect for some cool bar decor.

    Grab One Here From Etsy
  • 8) Chemistry Labware Shot Glasses

    You can call yourself a chemical mixologist with these super cool laboratory-style beaker shot glasses. This set from Amazon comes with four shot glasses and features actual measurements on the side of each container.

    Grab It Here On Amazon
  • 9) Lord of the Rings Shot Glass Set

    One ring to rule them all, and six shot glasses to make the night more fun. This set of six-shot glasses features various elements from the books and Peter Jackson films, including a shot glass with a map of Middle Earth.

    Get One Here From IWOOT
  • 10) Zodiac Sign Shot Glasses

    If you love the zodiac this might be an awesome option for you. Whether you give this as a gift for the Gemini in your life, or maybe you purchase it for yourself, you can choose the zodiac sign you want and what finish you would like on the inside.

    Get Yours Now From Etsy
  • 11) Cactus Shot Glasses

    Feeling a bit wild, as in the Wild West? While that joke was pretty poor, you can find yourself pouring some really good shots into these cactus novelty shot glasses.

    Get It Now From IWOOT
  • 12) Great Drinkers Shot Glass Set

    There are many famous literary writers who were considered to be quite notorious for their drinking habits. This shot glass collection from Unemployed Philosopher’s Guild celebrates six immortal literary figures who are as famous for their drinking as they are for their work such as Dorothy Parker, Winston Churchill, and Oscar Wilde.

  • 13) When In Doubt Take A Shot

    It’s a simple motto and just works well to add a few new shot glasses to your home’s bar area.

  • 14) Plant Lover Shot Glasses

    Taking care of plants seems to be all the rage nowadays. So if you have a plant lover in your life who you are looking for a fun gift for, this could definitely be the one. This set of four-shot glasses features some funny plant puns that are sure to make a plant lover smile. 

    Pick It Up On Amazon
  • 15) .50 Caliber Shot Glasses

    These shot glasses are really cool. They’re ceramic shot glasses that are made to look like hollowed-out .50 caliber bullets. 

    Score Yours Now From Etsy
  • 16) Are You Drunk Yet? Shot Glass

    And of course, this funny shot glass had to be the last one we included on our list. Because let’s face it, we’ve just put down a lot of shots! This shot glass features an “Are You Drunk Yet?” yes or no checkboxes and of course, the X is not even close to the yes or no boxes.

    Snag One Here From Etsy
  • Bonus: Shot Glass Display Case

    If you are a collector of cool shot glasses this is one awesome way to display them all. This wooden display case holds 50 different shot glasses and is available in different wood finishes as well as different styles. Definitely a cool idea for your at-home bar!

    Get Yours Now From Etsy

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