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Must Haves

Must Haves

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Whether you’re nearsighted or far-sighted, or if you need readers/blue light specific glasses, we all know that finding glasses that fit our style can be a challenge. And with the back-to-school season being right here, it’s the perfect time for you to grab a new pair of glasses for yourself and your kids. Here are some of our favorite stylish frames for back to school.

  • Floral Cat Eye Glasses

    Clear frames are so in right now! And these adorable floral designs make them that much better. These are perfect for anyone who likes a little pop of color in their eyewear. 

  • Kids Colorful Square Glasses

    Do you kids want something fun and fresh for this upcoming school year? These spunky and colorful square frames are perfect. “With a classic square silhouette, Bolinas comes in bright colors reminiscent of the famous beach mural wall in this sleepy surf town.

  • Baby Blue Flexible Glasses

    Have some really little ones that need glasses. These flexible baby blue frames are great for toddlers who need glasses. These frames are designed made with your child’s movement and comforts in mind.

  • Purple Round Frames

    We love this classic round frame look! These women’s best-sellers are easily a perfect statement piece. If you don’t want to put a prescription in the lens these would be a great frame for work!

  • White & Gold Square Frames

    I’m obsessed with these beautiful white and gold frames. This translucent design is similar to the clear glasses look, but the pop of gold on the top makes them truly standout. These also come in three other colors/styles such as cream, sage, and tortoiseshell.

  • Blue and Black Browline Frames

    If your teen needs new glasses, we love this browlinestyle frame. The browline style is where the bottom part of the glasses is a simple wire and the top part of the only “frame” so to speak. This style is very in right now, and these black and blue colors are a simplistic style that will work with most outfits. 

  • Red Heart-Shaped Frames

    How cute are these?! The minute we saw these frames we knew that there would be someone out there who loved them as much as us. If your style is more quirky or you love glasses that will have everyone asking “where did you get those” these are perfect for you. 

  • Tortoise Shell Round Frames for Pre-Teens

    If you love the Harry Potter look these are perfect for you! This style is made for pre-teens but is available in other sizes as well. The tortoiseshell looks are especially one of our favorite things. 

  • Kid’s Pink Rectangle Frames

    I remember when I was a kid and I could never find glasses that fit my style or that weren’t just black. That’s why I love these pink rectangle frames. They’re a great size for kids, and they’re super cute. The pink and floral design is definitely something I would have loved as a kid. 

  • Gold Round Frames

    Ladies, who wouldn’t love these fun round frames? They are very dark academia style and the simple wire frame works really well for the hipster style.

  • Patterned Square Frames

    I love these gorgeous tortoiseshell and cream frames. The sleek blend between the two designs is perfect and looks like it would work well with almost any style. These would make a really cute of sunglasses too!

  • Light Blue Rectangle Frames

    Don’t like too much color but want something a little different? We think these are perfect for that. The light blue rectangle frame are classic and simple, but the inside is where the splash of color lives. The watercolor-like interior is so beautiful that it will help you feel a little bit more stylish even when you need to go for a classic look.

  • Pre-Teen Rainbow Square Frames

    These subtle rainbow square frames are a perfect fit for pre-teens. Not only are they fashionable, but like many of the other pairs on this list, they can also double as blue-light protective wear. 

  • Urban NYC Subway Map Frames for Kids

    How cool are these?! Talk about subtle with a pop of color, right? These standard black frames are the perfect style for anyone who wants something that will match almost everything. But the real treat is the awesome urban NYC subway map on the interior of the frames.

  • Rose Gold Browline Frames

    Who doesn’t love a rose gold moment every now and then? These super cute kid’s rose gold browline glasses are very fashion-forward. Perfect for any budding fashionista you have at home. 

  • Black & Yellow Kids Frames

    I remember how much my brother loved Transformers growing up. He would have believed these were Bumblebeestyle glasses in a heartbeat. These are a great classic black and yellow frame that many kids will love. 

  • Clear Gamers Blue-Light Tinted Glasses

    These are perfect for gamers. Zenni has a whole section of their website where you can find blue-light tinted lens and even see what the “Gamers Picks” are, or essentially gamers’ favorite pairs.

  • Standard Black Rectangle Frames

    If you’re going for a classic look you won’t have to look any farther. These are an easy-to-match, simple rectangle black frame that is the perfect classic look.

  • Sports Protective Goggles

    Have kids in sports and want to make sure their glasses are protected? Zenni also has a ton of sports lens too. These goggles can come in your child’s prescription and keep them safe on the field.

  • Fuchsia Large Square Frames

    I love a bold look every now and then. These bright fuchsia frames are exactly what I’m talking about. The large square frame is very trendy and with other bold color options, you can have the perfect new pair of stylish frames to make you feel like a million dollars!

  • Multi-Colored Cat Eye Frames

    We also love a cat-eye moment! These multi-colored cat-eye frames are great for folks who like a splash of color in their lens while still having the perfect frame to match their style.

  • Black & White Rectangle Frames

    If you need something more black and white… well look no further. These rectangle frames are the perfect combination of black and white and will easily fit into your wide array of outfit choices.

  • Black & Floral Circle Frames

    I had to leave you with one final burst of color. If you love a floral look or pattern, then these are a great pair of frames for you. These black and floral patterned circular frames will have your eyes popping in a flash!

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