The Young Guns Tour featuring Mammoth WVH and Dirty Honey played Big Night Live the night after we lost Taylor Hawkins.  It was emotional, joyous, fun, and hard-rocking. Here are some sights, sounds, and thoughts including Wolfgang Van Halen‘s tribute to his hero, Taylor.


  • Wolfie's Dedication to Taylor Hawkins

    At the encore, Wolfie paid tribute to his hero, showing his compassion, poise, and love.

  • Mammoth WVH Plays 'My Hero' in Tribute to Taylor Hawkins

    After working it out in the morning, Wolfie asks the crowd to “excuse any rough edges.” Spoiler alert: The band slays the Foo Fighters anthem with zero rough edges.

  • Mammoth WVH Says Goodbye

    After a rocking set and thanking Boston for being an amazing crowd, the band departs



  • Wolfgang Van Halen Having a Blast

    Pure joy after an emotional show

  • Mammoth WVH


    To those who say “rock is dead,” we say “ummm…not really.” Mammoth WVH proves that the classic 4 piece rock band still rocks.  No vocal tracks, no programmed synths. Guitar, bass, drums.  And expert playing.

  • Dirty Honey Also Friggin' Rocks

    This was a solid double bill kicked off by Dirty Honey. Yup-another 4 piece featuring guitar, bass, and drums. 11

  • Dirty Honey Wanted to Play Boston, Not Worcester

    Dirty Honey brought their straight-ahead rock to Boston for the first time. They were bluesy, tight, and full of licks and grooves. Singer Marc Labelle mentioned he was arguing with his booking agent to play Boston because they had already played Worcester.  The agent said they’d never sell any tickets in Boston.  Labelle said he couldn’t wait to see that guy after this show.



  • Dirty Honey's Tribute to Steven Tyler

    While they acknowledged the shocking death of Taylor Hawkins, they left the musical tribute to Mammoth WVH.  But they did pay tribute to birthday boy Steven Tyler with a blazing and wicked funky cover of Aerosmith’s “Last Child.”



  • Crowds are Back and Ready to Rock

    Big Night Live was packed and rocking, just like before the…well, you know.  Sadly, our search for Valerie Bertinelli came up empty.


  • Taylor Hawkins Not Forgotten

    A fan (my wife) paid tribute to Taylor Hawkins with artwork done by a non-professional artist (me.)