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These Milton moms rock, literally. And the path they started during the pandemic led them right to the Kelly Clarkson Show last month.


They’re The Lazy Susans, and their lineup looks like this: Leila Mitchell on vocals and percussion, Joanna Weiss on guitar, Heather Shaw on bass, Imge Ceranoglu on keys, and Martha Kennedy on drums. Of the five, only Weiss and Ceranoglu have previous musical experience. Or had musical experience, I should say.


How did they all come together? The common thread, as I’ve said, is that they’re all Milton moms. Their kids grew up together and the five got to know one another while shuttling said kids from home to school to practice; you know the drill. And just like so many of us, when the pandemic hit, schedules changed and routines were upended. So just like so many of us, the members of The Lazy Susans were looking for something to do. But instead of–as Kelly Clarkson puts it on the clip from her show below–sourdough starters and gardening, Leila and Joanna and Heather and Imge and Martha decided to start a band.


That was in April of 2021. And it wasn’t just a jam session, either. The Lazy Susans decided they’d set the goal of playing Milton Porchfest that fall. So they set to it in Weiss’s basement, practicing and preparing and honing a set of covers. And come Milton Porchfest time, they were ready to go. But what’s more, it was in that very practice room where the band received a call from the producers of the Kelly Clarkson Show, who had read a story Weiss had penned about The Lazy Susans for Boston Magazine. Within days, they five rockin’ moms were on a flight to L.A. for a sit-down with Clarkson on live TV. Milton has never looked better or rocked harder.

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