You'll want these songs on your eclipse playlist to get the most out of the experience (Photo by Lars Baron/Getty Images)

Enjoy the eclipse today with Dave & Chuck The Freak’s ultimate eclipse playlist. If you add these 5 tracks to your playlist today, you’re going to greatly increase the viewing experience for everyone.

These are a collection of songs perfect for today. After that? It’s not going to be as useful. Here are the 5 songs we suggest for your playlist tonight.

Dave & Chuck The Freak’s 5 Song Ultimate Eclipse Playlist

Dave mentioned that he’s going to be watching the eclipse with some friends at a Wine Party while enjoying some refreshing vino. You know what will go well with that? Some nice tunes. Dave’s friends are going to greatly appreciate this playlist, and maybe yours will, too!

As we talked about on the show today, there are a lot of songs about eclipses–however, there should be more. Every band should have a song about an eclipse or a song that mentions one for this very moment. Some of these songs (which we’ll discuss below) are blowing up again even after being dormant for decades.

Thankfully, we were able to put a collection of 5 songs together that are perfect for watching the eclipse. All you’ll need are these 5 songs. They’ll set the mood and provide the perfect atmosphere to enhance the evening.

Of course, with so many songs about eclipses it’s going to be hard to include them all. We have to still get a little creative for a list. There are other Playlists For The Eclipse online, but this one is tailored by us for us. Just like our specific St. Paddy’s Day Playlist. We’re specifically targeting Dave’s wine party with these songs. It’s going to be an evening Dave and his friends will never forget.

Chuck claims he isn’t too excited about that, but once you hit play on this playlist everything will change. Let’s check out what songs made the cut. Are we missing one? Let us know!

  • Total Eclipse Of The Heart - Bonnie Tyler

    Look, we had to add this one. It’s an Essential Eclipse song for your Eclipse Playlist. This song is skyrocketing in popularity and searches with the pending eclipse. Bonnie Tyler and her people are raking it in right now. This is why every band should have a song about some sort of natural disaster. You never know when you might be able to cash in.

  • Eclipse - John Denver

    We made the mistake of playing this on the show today. It might have put you asleep. It sounds exactly like every other John Denver song ever made. We thought it was a different one before realizing it just sounds like all of his other stuff. It may be slow, but it’s perfect for Dave’s wine party.

  • Fade To Black - Metallica

    Now, we’re getting a little creative. Why not play “Fade To Black” while watching the sun fade to black. It’s incredibly fitting. If you time it right it could greatly enhance your viewing experience. Hey, it’s better than John Denver! At least it’s a good way to break up the John Denver and Bonnie Tyler. You’re welcome.

  • Here Comes The Sun - The Beatles

    Here Comes The Sun…and there goes the sun. You can enjoy some wordplay by playing this song at your Eclipse Party. Everyone likes some clever wordplay. This could be a great go-to song for when the eclipse is happening, or as it’s ending. The timing is totally up to you with this playlist.

  • Dark Side Of The Moon - Pink Floyd

    You know what’s better than playing the song “Dark Side Of The Moon” during an eclipse? Playing the whole album. Not only will it match up with The Wizard Of Oz, it will match up with the solar eclipse if you do it correctly! Plus, this way you can keep the playlist going for a long time. The eclipse will only last minutes, but the party can go on much longer with some Pink Floy in the mix.

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