Wicked Holiday Guide

Ah the nostalgia of Christmases gone by, what was under the tree in your childhood? Did you get any of the top toys of Christmas in 1994?

From the bulky JCPenney wish book, to the Sears catalog, let’s see if you remember some of the top toys from Christmas 1994.

Now this list below is in no particular order, the only criteria is that the toy was one of the most popular during the year 1994.

Check back each weekday as we unleash the top toys of each year of the decade.

  • Casio Secret Sender 6000

    Before smartphones, before PalmPilots, was the electronic organizer. The Secret Sender was marketed towards kids, being able to pass notes through infrared. It never worked that well though.

  • Mr. Bucket

    Okay, there were several dirty parody versions of the Mr. Bucket theme song on the playground back in the mid 90s, but this toy/game was wildly popular with the toddler crowd in 1994.

  • Tiger 2XL Robot

    Like a Teddy Ruxpin on steroids, 2XL blew My Pal 2 out of the water for mid-90s robot supremacy.

  • Play-Doh Cookie Lovin' Oven

    There were Play-Doh snack bars, and then there was the cookie lovin’ oven. Fresh out of the box on Christmas morning, the cookies looked almost good enough to eat. 3-5 days later, when all the clay colors mixed together, well… not as much.

  • Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Action Figures

    Everybody was into the Power Rangers in the 90s, and Bandai cashed in. There were action figures, vehicles, robots, you name it. The franchise was huge. Even though everyone wanted to get the Red or the Pink Ranger, you hoped your friends in the neighborhood got the other characters as well, so there could be a major backyard battle.