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Wicked Summer Fun Guide

Wicked Summer Fun Guide

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Ok I’ll admit that I’m NOT a big flea market guy. But around here, finding the Top 10 Massachusetts Flea Markets is like a weekend of lobster rolls and clam chowder. New Englanders LOVE flea markets!!  It’s every flea market person’s dream to:

1- Find that valuable antique and appear on Pawn Stars

2-Snag that classic antique buggy or wagon wheel to put at the tip of their front yard.

3-That missing comic book

4-That long lost childhood bike

5-How about a one of a kind item that can’t be found anywhere but your house

We have to admit there’s a mystique to the flea market. Every item comes with a story from the past. Who owned it? What was the meaning behind it, on and on.

Weekly Flea Markets, or The BIG ONE’s

We discovered a list of weekly flea markets that happen each week around Massachusetts. Of course, there’s the Brimfield Flea Market which is nationally famous. People and vendors from all over the country to flock to nearby Brimfield Massachusetts to clog traffic and walk their donuts off to reap the benefits of time gone by.

Name Your Price

The expert flea market person brings out his/her best Jedi Knight powers to wear down the vendor and haggle on a price, like it’s the market place in ancient Egypt.  Add to that, at a flea market you can FIND ANYTHING and EVERYTHING if you visit often enough. I knew an older family member that visited every WEEK. Sunday mornings from 10a to 12noon this person could be found at a flea market.

Top 10 Massachusetts Flea Markets

I’ll let you use your imagination on how the FLEA market, got it’s name.

So put on your comfortable walking shoes, grab your waters and lets find the Top 10 Massachusetts Flea Markets  near you! (Thanks to Travel Safe Abroad. )

  • 10 Raynham Flea Market


    stock image/Getty

    I have been to this one. It’s indoors and outdoors with a lot of vendors, not far from 495. Lots of parking and easy to find. According to the Travel Safe website:

    Raynham Flea Market is an open-air flea market that runs year-round on Sundays from 8 am to 5 pm.

    $1 gets you in all day.

    Seniors only pay 0.75c and children 12 years and younger enter for free.

    Inside the market, there are five snack bars, a restaurant, clean restrooms, and hundreds of indoor and outdoor vendors selling everything from computers, laptops, body jewelry, flags, decals, collectibles, handbags, candles, luggage, and much more.


  • 9-Todd Farm Flea Market

    stock image/Getty

    According to the Travel Safe website: this one features over 250 vendors from all over New England and some as far as New York.

    But, it’s only open SUNDAY!

  • 8- Kev’s Barn Yard Flea Market

    stock image/Getty

    This looks like a fun adventure on a sunny Sunday.

    In Granby, Kev’s is open Wednesday through Sunday, from 10 am to 4:30 pm.

  • 7-Seekonk Speedway Flea Market

    stock image/Getty

    BIG!!!! This one is right up there with the Brimfield Flea Market!

    Seekonk Speedway Flea Market is located at Seekonk Speedway in Seekonk.

    This one is open April through November, but just Sunday, from 7am to 1pm.

    Lot’s of FREE: free to enter, free parking for shoppers.

  • 6-Grafton Flea Market

    stock image/Getty

    Local weekly fan favorite in nearby Grafton. It’s year round.

    According to Travel Safe:

    Sunday only from 6 am to 4 pm. It’s also open on Easter Sunday, if you want to escape family.

  • 5-Brimfield Antique Flea Markets

    stock image/Getty

    This is the BIG PAPI of flea markets. Each year HOTEL’s in SELL out as thousands migrate to Brimfield to see this spectacle of other peoples stuff. I have been there. It’s a full day event, and if you’re a fan, two. To me, this should be #1 for it’s massive size and volume of items. This one has been on ABC’s Good Morning America. 

    According to Travel Safe:

    Brimfield Antique Flea Markets is considered to be the oldest outdoor flea market in the USA.

    It runs three times a year in May, July, and September.

    Each year, this flea draws in over 50,000 visitors from all corners of the United States, in search of antiques and valuables. 

    The sheer size of this flea is absolutely mind-blowing.

    It is a bargain hunters’ dream.

    You will find many rare and wonderful antiques and collectible items at this flea.

    Be prepared to spend your weekend at this market.  You DO have to pay for parking. 


  • 4-The Sandwich Bazaar Flea Market

    stock image/Getty

    Big one down the Cape. They are great at updating their social media for updates!

  • 3-Cambridge Antique Market

    stock image/Getty

    Nearby Cambridge! 150 vendors on FIVE FLOORS of flea market fun!

  • 2-The Somerville Flea

    stock image/Getty

    The Somerville Flea is open every Sunday from 10 am in Somerville, Massachusetts.

    This is one of the smaller scale flea markets in Massachusetts but nonetheless still offers quite an exciting variety of vendors to shop at.

    It is exceptionally neat and well organized. 

  • 1-Yankee Flea Market

    stock image/Getty

    This big one has 150 vendors on 15 THOUSAND feet of space. They like to compete with Brimfield. When Brimfield is open, Yankee is open 7 days a week!

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