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Welcome to another edition of Today in Boston ROCK, where I, Adam 12, spotlight Very Important Days In Rock History. October 7th is one.

  • 1953

    October 7, 1953: Hector Juan Samuel Torres is born in New York. You know him as Tico Torres, longtime drummer of Bon Jovi. He rocks the soul patch; I used to do that. Dude is in his 60’s and he’s still got it.

  • 1968

    October 7, 1968: Thomas Edward Yorke is born. Radiohead are an all-time favorite of mine, so I dug up this set from Great Woods back in 1996. It’s 25 years old, so excuse the quality, but it’s all songs from The Bends and Pablo Honey so it rocks. Thom’s getting all jangly with the guitar and the dancing. Vintage Thom.

  • 1997

    October 7, 1997: Everclear releases So Much for the Afterglow. Their third album was their breakthrough, with “Everything to Everyone,” “I Will Buy You a New Life,” and “Father of Mine.” They played that last one on MTV’s Total Request Live. The late ’90s were a wild time.