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Welcome to another edition of Today in Boston ROCK, where I, Adam 12, spotlight Very Important Days In Rock History. March 10th is one.

  • 1947

    March 10, 1947: Donald Thomas Scholz is born in Toledo, OH. Of course, you know this MIT whiz kid as Tom Scholz of Boston. Thank goodness he moved east or else the band might’ve been called Ohio. And that might’ve led to a cease-and-desist from the Ohio Players. Anyway, Happy Birthday, Tom.

  • 1963

    March 10, 1963: Frederick Jay Rubin is born in Long Beach, NY. Is Rick Rubin the greatest record producer of the last 50 years? He’s up there.

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  • 1963

    March 10, 1963: Jeffrey Allen Ament is born in Havre, MT. From Green River to Mother Love Bone to Temple Of The Dog to Pearl Jam, Jeff Ament has been the low end of the Seattle grunge sound. So let’s all wish him a Happy Birthday, 1995-style.

  • 1966

    March 10, 1966: David Karl Krusen is born in Tacoma, WA. Check your liner notes on Ten: that’s Dave Krusen‘s drum work. So Pearl Jam‘s 1991-era rhythm section shares the same birthday! Will wonders never cease?


  • 1995

    March 10, 1995: The Presidents of the United States of America release their self-titled debut album. Legend has it that early on in the band’s run, they shared a stage with legendary Boston act Morphine. Mark Sandman, he of the 2-stringed slide bass, took PUSA’s guitars, ripped a bunch of strings off of them, then told them to go write a bunch of songs. Remember this one?