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Charles M. Young declared in the first sentence of his review on Van Halen's debut, "Mark my words: in three years, Van Halen is going to be fat and self-indulgent and disgusting, and they'll follow Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin right into the toilet." It's pretty safe to say that Charles was a little off in his prediction.

Welcome to another edition of Today in Boston ROCK, where I, Adam 12, spotlight Very Important Days In Rock History. February 10th is one.

  • 1962

    February 10, 1962: Clifford Lee Burton is born in Castro Valley, California. One of the true tragedies in the history of rock is Cliff Burton dying at the age of 24. Still, his impact was and continues to be felt on Metallica‘s first three albums and beyond: he’s the guy who taught the band music theory, after all.

    VIDEO: Metallica Reflects on Cliff Burton
  • 1978

    February 10, 1978: Van Halen releases their self-titled debut album. One of the all-time great debut albums, and arguably the best album in their discography, all but one track from the release made this list.

    Van Halen: Their 30 Best Songs, Ranked
  • 1979

    February 10, 1979: Boston favorites The J. Geils Band headline Boston Garden. Believe it or not, the set made its way online for the 40th anniversary of the gig, and the quality is pretty damn good.

    Watch The J. Geils Band Rock Boston Garden 40 Years Ago