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The MBTA has scheduled an Orange Line shutdown, from Oak Grove to Forest Hills, beginning on Friday, August 19.


According to the MBTA’s Rider’s Guide to Planning Ahead, “The closure will address a maintenance backlog and planned construction investments, all of which are focused on safety improvements and returning the system closer to a state of good repair. This extended full access closure will bring to Orange Line riders an improved overall quality of service, faster travel times, and increased service reliability.” The MBTA plans to reopen the Orange Line on Sunday, September 18.


What’s more, the Union Square branch of the Green Line is set scheduled for a shutdown. Again, from the MBTA: “Beginning Monday, August 22, through Sunday, September 18, service will be suspended on the Green Line between Government Center and Union Square to allow the T to perform final-phase construction work necessary to open the Medford Branch, which is now anticipated to open in fall 2022.”


So, now that we have the dates and lines outlined, let’s take a closer look at how T riders will be expected to navigate these service interruptions.


Orange Line Shutdown

MBTA Orange Line Shutdown Map


OK, I’ll just come out and say it: what the hell am I looking at here? I’m a seasoned T rider and, growing up in Greenwood, the Orange Line is my wheelhouse. As an undergrad at Northeastern, I’d grab the bus at the corner of Main St. and Pitman Ave. in Greenwood, take the bus to Oak Grove, then take the Orange Line to Ruggles. If this shutdown was going down 25 years ago when I was still at NU, I’d probably have a nervous breakdown. Or, I’d just drive. Which, come to think of it, is what I did quite often when the T would be having troubles. Can’t be late for class, you know? Same as it ever was.


Get more info on the shutdowns below.