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Here’s an ominous list of the most dangerous candy in America, just in time for Halloween and filling trick-or-treat bowls.


It’s a different angle, right? I mean, you know I’ll be talking about the best Halloween candy and the worst Halloween candy this month on my 12-Inch Poll. It’s a time-honored spooky season tradition and an discussion that’s always fun to get into. But what I hadn’t considered is having a discussion about Halloween candy that’s actually dangerous.


Now, to clarify, we’re not talking about those old urban legends of nefarious folks slipping razor blades into candy bars. I remember seeing that on the news when I was a kid growing up in the ’80s, but I never, not once ever, heard of an actual case. Similarly to how the news nowadays tries to spook you into thinking people are going to give kids edibles in their trick-or-treat bags.


It’s a scare tactic. Maybe those things happen once in awhile, sure. But never at the level to cause a panic.


The Most Dangerous Candy in America

No, these candies are dangerous because they can cause you actual harm. Shiny Smile Veneers knows all about this, as they’re in the business of teeth. Their piece on scary Halloween dental issues might make your teeth chatter. According to their number-crunching, 35% of Americans have suffered from candy-related dental issues.


Their study talks about those dental issues, along with the types of candies Americans love and hate to get on Halloween. You can read the full report and get the stats behind it here. Below, I’m digging into the Top 10 candies that have caused American dental issues, aka The Most Dangerous Candy in America! Prepare to be spooked! Prepare to be terrified! Add these candies in to your trick-or-treat bowls this Halloween…if you dare!

  • 10) Blow Pops

    I totally get this one. You’re overeager to get to that bubblegum in the middle, you bite the lollipop too early, and crunch. Not the lollipop: your tooth!

  • 9) Butterfinger

    This one’s tricky. That peanut butter-flavored filling is flaky at first, but it can really gum up the more you chew on it. We love ’em here in MA, though.

  • 8) Atomic Fireball

    Any sort of hard candy can make for a hard candy enjoying experience. Go with the old-school ones if you can find them.


  • 7) Snickers

    Yes, there’s caramel and nougat. But there are also peanuts. And peanuts can sometimes make problems for weak teeth.

  • 6) Laffy Taffy

    I mean, it’s taffy. It’s telling you right there in the name. It will stick to your teeth. You’ve been warned.

  • 5) Tootsie Roll

    Ever tried to bite into a Tootsie Roll that’s been in your kid’s Halloween bag for like 2-3 months? Yeah, don’t do that.

  • 4) Starburst

    See above. Starburst are another one that get hard as hell if they’re not consumed in a reasonable amount of time.

  • 3) Bit-O-Honey

    Amazing to me that they still make this 19th century candy. Take a bit, but be mindful of how you bite.

  • 2) Jolly Rancher

    Do your teeth a favor. Suck on the Jolly Rancher. Do not chew on the Jolly Rancher.

  • 1) Jawbreaker

    Folks, the name of the candy is Jawbreaker. Proceed with caution.

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