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This is what I believe to be the definitive Mega Man 2 boss order. You might not agree with it, but you have to respect it.


Mega Man 2 was the sequel to Capcom’s Mega Man for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Released on Christmas Eve in 1988, it has gone on to become the most popular and best-loved game and in the Mega Man franchise. And that’s saying something, since the franchise has produced dozens of games for multiple platforms for over close to four decades now. It’s a legendary game.


Mega Man 2 was the first Nintendo game I really fell in love with. I was a latecomer to the OG NES. My brother and I had the SEGA Master System when we were kids. When I got into high school, I bought my friend Andy’s NES and a grip of games, including Mega Man 2. That’s when the obsession began. The Robot Masters and their weapons, the cool, quirky music. I was hooked.


The Definitive Mega Man 2 Boss Order

The game plays out like this: the robot Mega Man is sent by his creator Dr. Light to battle eight Robot Masters created by the evil Dr. Wily. Each Robot Master has a special weapon, which Mega Man gains access to after defeating them. Some Robot Masters are vulnerable to other Robot Master weapons, so the trick is to figure out what weapons to use on what Robot Masters.


Today, you can look this info up online. Back in the day, you had to put in the hours to figure it all out (or subscribe to Nintendo Power). I put in the hours. And I put together what I believe is the most efficient, straightforward boss order. It’s not the only way, but it’s my way. And it’s how I did it when I livestreamed a Mega Man 2 playthrough with my kids during the pandemic.

  • 1) Flash Man

    Flash Man is the weakest of all the Robot Masters. His fortress is relatively easy to negotiate, too. You can take him out with eight shots of your Mega Buster (that’s Mega Man’s default weapon). Beating him gives you the Time Stopper, as well as Item 3, which you can use to climb walls in other fortresses.

  • 2) Quick Man

    Here’s the trick with Quick Man: He slows waaaaay the hell down when you hit him with your fully-charged Time Stopper. It knocks out half of his energy, leaving him vulnerable to a few shots from the Mega Buster. So make your way through his fortress carefully so you don’t have to use up your Time Stopper.

  • 3) Metal Man

    This is the Robot Master that most players start with. His fortress isn’t too hard to negotiate, and his weapon–the Metal Blade–is powerful and versatile. You can aim it in 8 different directions and a number of the Robot Masters are vulnerable to it. Metal Man is vulnerable to the Quick Boomerang.

  • 4) Wood Man

    Dr. Wily built a robot that looks like a giant tree trunk and I’ll never not think that’s funny. Oh, I should probably mention that as you’re beating these Robot Masters, you can use their weapons as you make your way through fortresses. Metal Blade comes in handy in Wood Man’s stage and when you battle him. Just wait for him to drop his shield.

  • 5) Air Man

    Predictably, Air Man’s fortress is actually a stage in the sky. Lots of leaps of faith. But you’ve already made it through four fortresses by this time, so you should be cruising. When you cruise into Air Man’s lair, dodge his adorable little tornadoes, then hit him with Wood Man’s Leaf Shield. Air Man gives you Item 2, too. You’ll need that later.

  • 6) Crash Man

    Why Crash Man? Because the man has bombs. Bombs with short timers that attach to walls–or to you–then explode. A handy weapon to have, right? Good news for you: it’s easy to get. Because Crash Man is extremely vulnerable to the Air Shooter, which you just copped from Air Man. So let him have it.

  • 7) Bubble Man

    Bubble Man’s fortress is, predictably, underwater. But you have a bevvy of Robot Master weapons at your disposal now, so you should swim right through. Hang on to your Crash Bomber, though. Bubble Man likes to float slowly along the sides of his lair. Slap a few Crash Bombs on the wall and watch the fun begin.

  • 8) Heat Man

    Heat Man himself is a bit of a hard ass. But Heat Man’s fortress is hard as hell. There’s a stretch of blocks that disappear over lava that will kill you instantly, so use Item 2 (that you got from Air Man) to coast right over it. Then hit Heat Man with a few drops of Bubble Man’s Bubble Lead. Congrats! You’ve defeated all eight Robot Masters! That’s when the fun really begins…

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