You know I’m serious about this list because I put my damn name in the title. Let’s go on a little North Shore ice cream jaunt, shall we?


First, though, some ground rules. And a bit of history. I’m a Wakefield native. Grew up in Greenwood, aka the Melrose/Saugus side of Wakefield, aka the best part of Wakefield. Some folks say Wakefield isn’t North Shore. I say it is. And the North Shore authority, Square One Mall Goth on Instagram, regularly makes memes poking fun at Wakefield. So Wakefield is North Shore. Period.


For the purposes of this list, Greenwood is the hub, and I’ll be expanding out from there. Is this a comprehensive list of every single ice cream spot in the entire North Shore and surrounding environs? Absolutely not. This is my personal list. So if you’re a North Shore native and I don’t have your fave on the list? Don’t get mad. Get even. Go make your own damn list.


Sorry if my tone is cranky. As I’m typing this, my stomach is rumbling. I’m hungry. Hungry for ice cream. Which is crazy, because here’s the thing: I don’t even like ice cream. OK, that’s not entirely true. I like ice cream fine. I just don’t love it. Ice cream, for the last decade-plus, has become less about the tasty treat and more about the bonding experience with my kids. They love ice cream.


North Shore Ice Cream: Adam 12’s Favorite Spots

So here’s my list. It has a few of my personal faves from growing up on the North Shore, and a few current faves where my kids and I like to get a cone or two. And it’s subject to change (read: I’ll probably add to it). So keep it handy, share it, and check back often.

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