It’s no surprise our national faces a severe obesity problem. Fast food is around every corner, our long work days lead to poor choices out of sheer exhaustion. But chin up, New England. We did alright in a recent study by WalletHub, the personal finance website. This new study reveals the most obese states, but New England fares well, especially Massachusetts.

Can you believe the home of Dunkin’, Papa Ginos, and Friendly’s is among the states with the least overweight people in the country? At least according to this particular research. As reported in MassLive, this study focused on three main categories: obesity and overweight prevalence, health consequences, and food/fitness. WalletHub investigated every state’s share of overweight people (from children through adults). They also calculated where the obesity rate would be in the year 2030. They compared all 50 states and the District of Columbia across 31 key metrics.

Showing up with as the #1 most obese state was West Virginia. Results showed approximately 41.3% of that state’s adults are classified as obese. That is a huge problem. Meanwhile up in the mountains, Colorado ranks as the least obese state. It’s likely due to their “outdoor culture.” After all, Colorado is well-known for it’s hiking and skiing.

So, where did the New England states rank? This new study reveals the most obese states, but New England fares well, especially Massachusetts! You will see below how each New England state ranks out of the 50 states and the District of Columbia. You will see which of our region’s state has the most obese and which the least. See the full map and the full report and rankings HERE. 

Each New England state, here, is listed from worst to best for obesity with details on each disclosed.

  • Rhode Island


    Beautiful little Rhody ranked fairly well, overall, coming at at #29 out of 51 (states plus DC). But, Rhode Island came in with the highest obesity numbers out of all the New England States. Known for their fabulous Italian food, it’s no wonder. Also known for coffee milk, clam cakes, hot wieners, pizza strips and johnnycakes.

    Here are RI’s numbers:

    Total Score- 57.86/ Obesity and overweight prevalence- 33/ Health Consequences- 8/ Food & Fitness- 48


  • Maine


    Vacationland needs a vacation from all that fun food. The state of Maine is the New England state with the 2nd highest obesity ranking.  It’s not from eating blueberries. Maine is most famous for their lobster rolls, crab cakes and rich and creamy chowder.

    Here are Maine’s numbers:

    Total Score- 60.86/ Obesity and overweight prevalence- 35/ Health Consequences- 2/ Food & Fitness-23

  • New Hampshire


    The “Live Free or Die State” famous for their spiked cider, mead, venison,Grape Nuts Ice Cream and poutine came in as the 31st out of 51 most obese states, and the 3rd out of 6 in New England. New Hampshire did well, overall.

    Here are NH’s #s:

    Total Score- 57.34/ Obesity and overweight prevalence- 43/ Health Consequences- 3/ Food & Fitness-41

  • Connecticut


    The Nutmeg State comes in with respectable numbers in the grand scheme of the obesity scene. Fun facts from House of Nash Eats, Connecticut is known for like; Snickerdoodles, apple cider and apple cider donuts. But also, apparently CT has one of the larges Italian-American populations per capita in the U.S. so spaghetti and meatballs are also a favorite.

    Here are the numbers in CT:

    Total Score- 55.96/ Obesity and overweight prevalence- 32/ Health Consequences- 40/ Food & Fitness-39

  • Vermont


    The Green Mountain State where maple syrup flows like water has the 2nd lowest obesity rate in New England. Coming in at #42 out of 51 for obesity rates in the states and DC. Popular foods in gorgeous Vermont (besides maple syrup) include, cheddar cheese, cider donuts and wood-fired bread. Oh, and apple pie is the state pie.

    Here are the numbers in VT:

    Total Score- 54.22/ Obesity and overweight prevalence- 47/ Health Consequences- 5/ Food & Fitness-50


  • Massachusetts


    49 out of 51 is pretty darn respectable. Here in the Bay State we rank as the third best state in the country, only just behind #2 Utah and #1 Colorado. Well done fellow Massachusettsans! That’s a mouthful, pardon the pun. I’m surprised Mass did this well, we are the home of New England clam chowder, Boston Cream Pie, Nestle Toll House Cookies, Parker House Rolls, and fluffernutter sandwiches. Perhaps we sweat it all out stressing in Boston traffic.

    Here’s MA by the numbers:

    Total Score- 49.03/ Obesity and overweight prevalence- 448 Health Consequences- 45/ Food & Fitness-47

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