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Which U.S. states are tops when it comes to nailing answers on Family Feud? Survey says…New Hampshire is one!


If you can believe it, Family Feud–the game show that pits two families against each other to pick the most popular answers to survey questions–has been on TV since 1976. The show’s first run lasted a decade, with seminal game show host Richard Dawson as the host. ’90s kids likely remember Ray Combs, as he hosted the shows second run. These days, it’s the meme-worthy Steve Harvey.


When I was in grade school in the ’80s, and I had to stay home sick, my mom would immediately send me back to bed. When I finally got up, I’d take a long, hot bath (while carefully reading comic books). Then, I was allowed to watch TV. During the day! Game shows were the order of the day back in those days, so I have fond memories of Wheel Of Fortune, The Price Is Right, and Family Feud.


New Hampshire is a Top State in…Family Feud?

The fine folks at E-Conolight wanted to find out which states fared best at the Feud, so they played a little game. The result? The Best & Worst States at Family Feud, which gives you exactly what it says it will. They surveyed 100 Americans with 16 questions inspired by the show. Then, they compared each state’s most common answer responses to the nation’s most common answer responses to get the rankings.


Northern New England states fared the best, with Maine ranked twelfth and Massachusetts at thirteenth. New Hampshire landed all the way up at No. 6. Let’s take a look at the states that placed alongside the Granite State…and use it as an excuse to revisit some classic moments Family Feud moments. For the full rankings, check out the full piece.

  • 7) Washington

    There’s actually a 6-way tie at 2nd place for this survey, but since we’re ranking, let’s rank. And let’s watch Richard Dawson be an absolute savage.

  • 6) New Hampshire

    Good on you Granite-staters for out-Feuding every state in the Union (save 5 of ’em). We could just kiss all of you!

  • 5) Missouri

    OK, just one more Richard Dawson clip. But not from Family Feud. This is from when he basically played himself in the film The Running Man. Classic.

  • 4) Kansas

    Ray Combs, the pride of Hamilton, OH. A son of the Midwest, so he likely played well in Kansas. Bit of a prankster, though.

  • 3) Arizona

    I had no idea Al from Home Improvement was a Family Feud host. When the show ran on the Game Show Network in the early ’00s, he was the man.

  • 2) Alabama

    Sure, there have been a few more Family Feud hosts over the years. But let’s be honest: it’s Dawson and Harvey we always come back to. And Steve’s showing no signs of stopping. Even though the contestants will eventually drive him insane.

  • 1) South Carolina

    Poor Steve. Poor, poor Steve.

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