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The Museum of Bad Art, after a couple of years of in pandemic limbo, has found a new home in a hot spot in Dorchester.


If you’re not familiar with MOBA (that’s short for the Museum of Bad Art, as if you couldn’t have figured that out yourself), I’ll wise you up. Or, better yet, I’ll let the curators do the talking. From the MOBA website:

“MOBA is the world’s only museum dedicated to the collection, exhibition, and celebration of bad art in all its forms. Our growing collection awaits your discerning eye.”

Simple concept, right? And pretty self-explanatory: it’s an art museum, but it’s for art that’s awful.


And this isn’t some fly-by-night, Johnny-come-lately awful art gallery. MOBA was founded almost thirty years ago, way back in 1993. They presented their first art show in the following year: 1994. Their first galleries were housed in a private home in Boston. But interest and buzz soon necessitated a larger space. So for years, MOBA had their main gallery space in the Somerville Theatre. Perhaps you browsed some of the art while waiting for a show over the years? Sadly, as mentioned above, the COVID-19 pandemic caused the gallery to lose that physical space. But now they’re back in another part of metro Boston.


Museum of Bad Art Reopens in Dorchester

Boston Magazine reported last month that MOBA now has a new, permanent home in the taproom of Dorchester Brewing Company. You might remember them from our Boston’s Brewery Battle bracket from a couple of years ago. So now you can tip back a pint of Neponset Gold and marvel at some of the best art ever created. And by “best art ever created” I mean “worst art ever created.” Because that’s what’s up at the Museum of Bad Art. Take a closer look below.