Wicked Fall Guide

Wicked Fall Guide

Wicked Fall Guide

Scary, sexy, funny, creative…your choices of Halloween costumes are pretty much endless. One year I saw a woman dressed in a negligee with cardboard table attached to her hip that had a wine glass taped to it and men’s watch on it. She was a one night stand. Clever, huh? But let’s talk about what is popular this year. According to a recent study, here are the most popular Halloween costumes of 2023 in Massachusetts and every New England state.

The study comes from GetCenturyLink.comIt’s an internet service provider, and they gathered information from a variety of sources. As shared in Boston.com, the research included noticeable trends from sources like Variety, HalloweenCostumes.com, PopSugar, The New York Post and DIY articles and threads. As happens every year, pop culture characters sneak into the costume mix. And this year, you probably know all too well at least one or two celebrities who made the costume cut for popularity.

A Map of Trends

The study included a fun, full map of the United States and the top trending costumes in each state!

Halloween costume map


You likely guessed Barbie was a big one this year. But, let’s not forget Ken. He’s a sensitive guy. Still holding strong in Mississippi is the always popular Elvis costume. Although, you would think he would be popular in his home state of Tennessee. Wednesday Addams is another pop culture character that continues to trend. South Dakota is all about Wednesday. Of course, Florida is all about their pirate costumes. It’s fun to see which costumes are tops in all the different states.

This study showed that cat costumes are the most searched, across the country this year. 12 states googled them more than any other. Coming in 2nd, with massive searches in 10 states were fairy costumes. GetCenturyLink.com “analyzed their search volume and relative popularity by state using Semrush and Google Trends.” And here are your results of the most popular Halloween costumes of 2023 in Massachusetts and every New England state!



  • Vermont

    Witch Costume

    Ahh, a classic in the state of Vermont. The traditional costumes are still hugely popular. And let’s face it, easy to put together. And more than likely, you’ve got one in your collection. Vermont opts for a little spooky, and a little safe Halloween get up.

    Witch costume

    (Photo by Thomas Lohnes/Getty Images)




  • Connecticut

    Cat Costume 

    Those cats in Connecticut are clawing their way into stores to find some fetching feline fashion. Cats were the most search in the Constitution State. Again, another classic that is easy to assemble. Plus, everyone looks cute as a cat. Unless you are a really scary cat! If you opt for sexy cat, you may want to use the original cat woman, Julie Newmar as your inspiration.



  • Maine

    Vampire Costume

    The great state of Maine opts for a little more macabre when it comes to Halloween. There top choice, according to searches is a vampire! It does make sense. I mean, Stephen King lives there. It’s got to be something a little dark. Grab some fake fang teeth, a long black cape, get some makeup and you are out the door!


    (Photo by Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images)


  • Rhode Island

    Fairy Costume

    I found this one surprising. The Ocean State’s top Halloween get-up is not a Vanderbilt from the Gilded Age. It’s not the movie making Farrelly Brothers. It’s a mythical and magical imaginary being found in folklore. It’s a great costume for a little girl, which explains it’s popularity. So many young girls love to dress up as a fairy princess, and not just on Halloween.

    Fairy princess

    Getty Images


  • New Hampshire

    Taylor Swift

    Wouldn’t a Taylor Swift costume make more sense in Rhode Island? She does own a house there. But no, it’s the Granite State that is gaga for this girl. And, they are not alone. The #1 most searched Halloween costume this year is Taytay! And oh the choices you have. Just pick and era and go with it. The Red album era? Dress as country Taylor. Curled hair, short flared skirt with cowboy boots. Or how about the princess dress Love Story? Love having options.



  • Massachusetts

    Taylor Swift Costume

    Taylor strikes again! Nobody is a bigger personality in the world right now than Miss Americana.  Apparently, we are FEARLESS here in the Bay State when it comes to Halloween costumes. And as you know  ALL TOO WELL, we are bigtime Swifties. She does love to come to Massachusetts and tour Gillette. She did date a Kennedy once upon a time. You could say we are ENCHANTED with the country and pop superstar. You could make this very easy on yourself and wear a CARDIGAN and a blonde wig. Or how about you wear a sparkly leotard and black boots and go as Taylor from the “Anti-Hero” video?

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