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The most attractive accent in America–aka the sexiest accent in America–has been identified. So let’s dig into some regional accents, shall we?


Because let’s face it: next to bragging about your local sports teams and your local cuisine, propping up your regional dialect is where it’s at. Recently, I tackled this in a 12-Inch Poll, asking: what’s the most annoying accent in America?


In that one, I singled out ten predominant accents from different areas in the U.S. I even gave examples of each accent (many of them are spoofs from SNL sketches). Head over here, scroll through, have some laughs, and cast your vote. I’m curious to see where Boston lands.


What’s The Most Attractive Accent in America?

Now, let’s pivot from annoying to attractive. A new piece from PennStakes.com looked at online mentions of the 50 most common American accents. They ended up with this: America’s Most Attractive Accents. Let’s see where Boston ends up in the mix.


Looks like it ends up pretty well. If you’re reading this in Massachusetts, congrats. The Boston accent made the Top 5. Which is in line with a study that concluded that the Boston accent sounds smart. Because smart is sexy, right? And that’s just another way of saying “attractive.”


That’s actually in the methodology of the PennStakes report. “Any online post mentioning the accent alongside words such as attractive, sexy, charming and many more, were counted to create the final figure. The higher the figure, the more attractive the accent.”


So how does the Boston accent stack up with the rest of the most attractive accent list? Let’s dive into the Top 5 together and find out. You can get the full methodology and the rest of the list right here. Oh, and one last plug for my wicked pissah list of Boston slang.

  • 5) Boston Accent

    The Boston accent ended up with 34,110 mentions, good for No. 5. And while that’s less than half the number of the No. 1 accent, the fact that people combined “Boston accent” with “attractive” is a minor miracle.

  • 4) Texan Accent

    Not a Southern drawl, mind you. That comes later. This is the Texan accent, which lassoed 42,330 mentions. Cowboys are sexy, what can we say?

  • 3) Californian Accent

    The Cali tongue edged out the Texas tongue only slightly. The Golden State ended up in third with 45,360 mentions. It tracks, right? California girls, and all?

  • 2) New York Accent

    70,460 mentions. Can’t help but be biased as a Bostonian against anything New York. But hey, another part of what makes someone attractive is confidence. And that New York accent oozes confidence. No matter what antics they’re getting up to.

  • 1) Southern Accent

    Was there ever any doubt? 76,940 mentions. Southern gentlemen. Southern belles. All prim and proper and devastatingly attractive.

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