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A new list of Massachusetts supernatural hotspots has hit the web. Let’s look at the towns where you might see something spooky.


I’m typing this in the wake of my town’s annual Halloween celebration. The Woburn Halloween Parade was a wet one this year, but from the pics I saw in my Facebook feed on Sunday, a good time was had by all. I sat out this year and opted instead to stay in, stay dry, and work my way through my own hand-picked list of the 13 Best Modern Horror Movies. It Follows is so good.


Of course, if I’d seen this list yesterday, I might have gone on an impromptu road trip. The list comes courtesy of BetMassachusetts, and it’s a list of Massachusetts’ top 10 most supernatural locations. From the BetMassachusetts team: “To collect the data, we analyzed the number of UFO and ghost sightings and then compared this to population data in each state, to determine the odds of a supernatural sighting.”


Massachusetts Supernatural Hotspots: Is Your Town In the Top 10?

A side note about the fifty states before we focus on our own: when sorted by where you have the greatest chance of seeing the supernatural, three New England states make the Top 10: Maine at no. 1, Vermont at no. 2, and New Hampshire at no. 7. Oddly enough, Massachusetts doesn’t make the cut, though we did made the Top 10 in this list of Spookiest States in America.


So what of the Commonwealth’s supernatural hotspots? I’ve shared BetMassachusetts’ Top 10 below, along with the stats that put them into the ranking they landed in. Maybe your town or city made the list, or maybe a town or city near yours did. Take a look, and then keep your eyes peeled for ghosts, UFOs, or anything else supernatural. Not just now, but all year round.

  • 10) North Attleboro

    Ghost Sightings: 24

    UFO Sightings: 13

    Combined Score: 37

  • 9) Chicopee

    Ghost Sightings: 24

    UFO Sightings: 17

    Combined Score: 41

  • 8) Brockton

    Ghost Sightings: 20

    UFO Sightings: 21

    Combined Score: 41

  • 7) Plymouth

    Ghost Sightings: 9

    UFO Sightings: 32

    Combined Score: 41

  • 6) Attleboro

    Ghost Sightings: 15

    UFO Sightings: 40

    Combined Score: 55

  • 5) Springfield

    Ghost Sightings: 13

    UFO Sightings: 65

    Combined Score: 78

  • 4) Worcester

    Ghost Sightings: 14

    UFO Sightings: 73

    Combined Score: 87

  • 3) New Bedford

    Ghost Sightings: 54

    UFO Sightings: 34

    Combined Score: 88

  • 2) Lowell

    Ghost Sightings: 57

    UFO Sightings: 41

    Combined Score: 98

  • 1) Boston

    Ghost Sightings: 5

    UFO Sightings: 159

    Combined Score: 164

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